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The Museo de Filipino Is The TikTok Trend Everyone Should Know About

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself, “years from now would my future kids see my posts on social media?” Of course we may not know how long these social media applications will stand long. However, the bigger question is: would my future kids be proud of the things I posted in these platforms?

Recently, there has been an on going trend on Tiktok called #MuseoDeFilipino, a trend that allows the “tiktokers” to make a creative videos them portraying someone who experienced human rights violation, ultimately, caused their death. Some people being portrayed were the victims of extrajudicial killings like Kian Lloyd delos Santos and desparacidos in the 70s. This may seem like RP6FanFic but there are no puns here. 

Notable videos from #MuseoDeFilipino on Tiktok


##pov At a school field trip, you stumbled upon the relics of one of the National Heroes of the Philippines. ##MuseoDeFilipino ##fyp ##foryou ##povmakers

♬ Museo De Filipino - stevenfernandez


##pov At a school field trip, u stumbled upon the relics of one of the National Heroes of the Philippines. ##batangheneral ##povmakers ##Museodefilipino

♬ original sound - Jack Daniel šŸŽ©

##pov At a school field trip, you stumbled upon the relics of one of the National Heroes of the Philippines ##MuseoDeFilipino ##fyp ##foryou ##povmakers

♬ original sound - stevenfernandez
Because the idea of this trend is to educate people about human rights violations and what not. The clamor for justice extends even in tiktok now, so when you asked yourself if would your posts will make your future kids proud?

The answer is, educate yourself, immerse yourself from socio-political issues, join the trend if you wish to, because remember, WE MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE WHEN WE SPEAK UP.    

Written by Isaiah Mikael Gasmen 

Art by Jeanin Rojo

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Digging The Sand: Benefits and Side Effects of Crushed Dolomite on Manila Bay

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Amidst the current pandemic the country is going through, another controversy has stolen the spotlight— white sand. At first one might think that this is some sort of a joke but it's not. For the past weeks, Politicians, environmentalists, and even ordinary citizens have shared their fair-share of opinions regarding the 'beautification' project of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) which involves putting crushed dolostone in the shores of Manila Bay.

The project received a handful of backlash because apparently, the DENR spent a hefty P350M for the project which according to some experts, the budget could have been enough to provide financial assistance to Covid-struck areas or provide aid to unemployed and poverty-stricken Filipinos. Not only that, according to the Department Of Health (DOH) the material that can cause health issues and bring harm to humans. These claims were denied by the DENR however, the continuous information clash has caused confusion among the public.

To clear everything, we dug deep into the pros and cons of using dolomites.

Used in the Construction Industry

Obviously, we can tell that dolomite has a good reputation in the construction industry because it's already on Manila Bay's shores. The 228-year old sedimentary rock can also be made into bricks, cement, plastics, concrete, and paving materials with the right skill. It's a smart choice that DENR chose this material because of its versatility and affordability.

Livestock Nourishment

Surprisingly, dolostone is a great player in the agriculture sector. Farm animals such as chickens, cows, and sheep consume the high calcium and magnesium content of dolomite through tablets or edible wafers. Both nutrients are essential for the growth and nutrients of domesticated animals. Without it, there would be no hard shells for the eggs, milk production would be low, and sheep would not grow wools properly.

Aesthetically Pleasing View

Clear ocean water, soft white sand, and tropical trees blown by the gentle breeze of Manila Bay promise a superb experience to any locals finding joy during the pandemic. Set aside all the sacrifices and drawbacks this project has and look for its brighter side. The beautiful sunset view from this beach will indeed reduce the stress you're feeling right now. Not to mention the aromatic smell of nature that will excite any nature lover.

Dolomite is a Threat to Human Health

While white sand is an addition for a luxurious Manila Bay, the mixed varying silica levels present pose a threat to human health. According to Lehigh Hanson Inc., a Texas-based distributor and builder company, dolomite's crystalline silica content may result in cancer once inhaled. Prolonged exposure can also cause skin and eye irritation while ingesting it would result in stomach pain and diarrhea.

Disruption to Ecosystem

Manila waters are already besieged by water pollution and resource exploitation. Adding white sand means more problems for our aquatic friends since it will stress them out. If washed away by the ravaging waves, it will mix into the ocean water, making the temperature high and decrease dissolved oxygen levels, which is necessary for marine animals to breathe.

DENR Undersecretary Benny Antiporada stated that there'd be no adverse effects since corals and dolomite sand are both made of calcium carbonate. However, Oceana Philippines protested that the sand does not naturally-occur so that it might destroy the coastal ecosystem and the source of sand.

The White Sand Will Be Washed Out

According to a statement by the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute executive director Mahar Lagmay, naturally, sand will always be moved from one place to another. The odds of it being washed away are far from impossible. Replenishing it with another batch of pulverized dolomite rocks would result in spending more public funds, but let's hope the project is worthwhile.

By Jared Ambrocio

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Will it happen: Remembering the times Duterte cried ‘I will resign’

Monday, September 28, 2020

Many Filipino netizens are now expressing their outrage against the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. #OustDuterte has been trending on social media, particularly on Twitter, not only in the Philippines but also worldwide.

With that, here are some of the moments Duterte said, ‘I will resign.’

‘I offered to resign’ because of endless corruption” – September 2020

During his nationwide address regarding the government's plans for the COVID-19 pandemic. President Duterte once again expressed his plan to step down as the president of the Philippines.

According to him, the never ending corruption in the country is taking its toll on him and he is willing to resign.

“I offered to resign as President,” He said in a televised speech Monday night. “I had everyone summoned. I said I was getting fed up. In my years in government, thee had been no end to this.”

MANILA, Philippines — “I offered to resign as President,” he said in a televised speech Monday night. “I had everyone [in the Cabinet] summoned. I said I was getting fed up. In my years in government, thee had been no end to this [corruption].”

“There’s really no end to this corruption. It’s really hard to stop it,” he added. “Up to now, it’s being committed every day. Can you stop it? You cannot. There’s no way, I’m telling you.”

However, he also expressed his willingness to speak before the Congress to discuss how they could fight corruption. 

If the military asked him to step down – July 2019

President himself once said during the anniversary of the Philippine Air Force on July 2, 2019, that if the military tells him to step down, he will do so.

“Do not do it, please, during my term,” begged Duterte. “I told you before. All you have to do if you do not like me, do not bring your weapons and mechanized armor there. Just call me, and we’ll have coffee, and I am ready to say, ‘It’s yours for the taking.’”

But this might not happen for 100 percent of the AFP is loyal to the “flag and the Constitution.” 

If son “Pulong” vies for House speakership – May 2019

President himself stated during the oath-taking of newly-appointed government officials in MalacaƱang on May 27, 2019, that if his son Paolo, a.k.a Pulong would run for position he would step down.

“Itong si Paolo, sinabi ko sa kanya: ‘If you run for speakership, let me know. Kasi kung tatakbo ka, magre-resign ako.’ Kasi marami na tayo. Nandyan na ang kapatid mo na mayor. So uneasy,” said Duterte.

If he is succeeded by Bongbong Marcos or Chiz Escudero – August 2018

In a speech before entrepreneurs at MalacaƱang on Aug. 14, 2018, Duterte shared that he is already exhausted from never-ending corruption.

“I want you to know that I am thinking of stepping down because I’m tired,” he said.

On the same night, Duterte said he does not think Vice President Leni Robredo would be able to handle the office.

“I think deep in my heart, if you follow the succession and Robredo takes over, hindi niya kaya,” said Duterte then. “Hindi niya kaya, that’s my honest opinion ko lang. Kung sino lang sana diyan, in the likes of Escudero or Bongbong Marcos. I do not think she can improve on anything here.”

If he is given proof of God’s existence through a selfie – July 2018

He once challenged people on July 6, 2018, to prove to him that God exists and if so, he would resign.

“By the way, I believe in one Supreme God. I never said I do not believe in him, God. I am not agnostic. I am not an atheist,” Duterte said.

He said that if someone is to prove to him that God exists, he would immediately step down from the presidency.

If the drug problem in the country continues to get worse – November 2017

During the 67th Founding Anniversary of the First Scout Ranger Regiment in Camp Tecson, San Miguel Bulacan on Nov. 24, 2017, Duterte also said that he will step down as the President if he would not be able to solve the country’s problem on drugs.

“I cannot accept. I simply cannot accept it. And if I cannot control drugs then maybe it is time for me to think about resignation,” he said. “‘Pag hindi ko kaya ito, bababa talaga. Sabihin ko sa inyo.”

If federalism will be implemented during his term – July 2016

Just almost a month of being President, During a speech in an event with the League of Cities and Provinces at MalacaƱang on July 27, 2016, Duterte said that he will step down if federalism will be implemented during his term.

“Two years, if you have the federal set up, I will resign as President. Three years, sibat ako. Four years, ay salamat,” he said. “My advice is copy, copy the French setup. We have to because ang Filipino gusto talaga niya mag-boto ng Presidente ‘yan. Hindi mo kunin sa kanila ‘yan eh.”

The list goes on and on if we will continue to list down all the times the President cried for resignation. Imagine how tired we are. But of course, being a president is not easy so it's okay to feel like giving up sometimes.

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The Scene: Pipay Kipay And The Humor Of Subtle Shade

Saturday, September 26, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has put almost everything on pause. However, as we sink deeper to the quarantine period, a handful of promising and talented content creators are rising—not only to entertain—but to spread awareness as well.

With all the things happening in the country, having a content creator or an influencer who can speak our language is a breath of fresh air. Luckily, we can finally get to breathe that good air with Pipay Kipay!

19-year-old Civil Engineering student John Paul Joseph Santos, also known as Pipay Kipay, has gone viral numerous times on Twitter and have gained a huge amount of attention—all for good reason.

In his viral videos, Pipay Kipay hilariously features the different situations everyone faces during the n-month-long quarantine period. But what sets Pipay Kipay from the other content creators out there? His subtle political shades.

In this feature, Metroscene Mag is lucky to have the chance to talk to Pipay Kipay himself. Here's why Pipay can make the basic influencers run for their money:

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Metroscene: Have you always wanted to become a content creator? 

Pipay: Yes of course! I looked up to many content creators na hindi lang nagpoproduce ng entertaining content but also truth. I’ve always wanted to do videos na alam kong may purpose at may patutunguhan. I also love editing my own videos, it makes me happy na alam ko yung nilabas kong content is pinag isipan at nalaanan ko ng puso. 

M: Where do you get ideas for your videos?

P: Usually from news, I don’t usually refer sa social media lalo na kung hindi verified yung source, ayokong magkalat ng fake news lalo na sa audience ko. Minsan sa mga ganap din sa buhay na alam kong maraming makakarelate ganern! 

M: What’s your motivation in pursuing this kind of content? Who are your inspirations?

I’m a fan of quality contents na hindi mema. I like something po na may matututunan ako as well as my audience. I really look up as an inspiration po sila kuya Macoy Dubs, Dora Dorado, Davao Conyo, etc. gusto ko yung content na may kabuluhan na may konting shadyness xhnz! 

M: How did you find the courage to publicly show your opinions?

Kung hindi pa ngayon, kailan? Now’s the right time, dapat na tayong marinig. Kung may say ka, say it, kung natatakot ka that’s the sign na alam mong may pinaglaban ka. Ako personally, natatakot, I’m too young for this, but no too young to voice out my side. 

M: Have you dealt with any hater in social media? How did you respond?

Me personally, di ako masyadong palabasa ng comments. Comment section are way too dangerous and hurtful. If ever man na may nakita kong hate comment, ignore, I am also a viewer, not all contents are for everyone naman. 

M: What’s the message you want to tell young aspiring content creators?

Use your platforms wisely, one day you’ll become a great influencer. Make your viewers remember you as a quality content creator, that used his/her platform as a voice and did something for the country and its people. And make them remember that you used the title “influencer” the way it should be used. Discipline yourself, you can’t influence others if you don’t start it within you. 

M: And lastly, your message to the youth especially in these trying times?

Work hard. Don’t waste time. Time flies so fast, so make the most out of it and be productive. There’s no such thing that can hinder you from reaching your dreams. Lastly, follow safety protocols and be safe.

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#StarveTheTrolls: This site helps you block internet trolls easily

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Many of us have internet access, yet few of us choose to troll. Just plain nasty. Imagine how tired we are? These little social media rats will not only tarnish your brand or reputation, but some also harass people in a traumatizing way. 

The darker side of it, in the Philippines, a paid online ‘troll’ can earn P30,000-P70,000 monthly. Imagine that? 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to #StarveTheTrolls.

How to spot an online troll?

Troll accounts are more likely new and focuses only on  few threads and post irrelevant content, and  have much lower writing quality than authentic users which isn't much of a surprise.

Luckily, a twitter user created a web app designed to help Twitter users avoid harassment and abuse by trolls, fake accounts and bots.


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6 Content Creators Redefining What It Means To Be An Influencer

Saturday, September 19, 2020

woke Influencers/  content creators - metroscene mag

Over the years, the online community has grown dramatically together with the influencer scene and the culture of content creation. The internet has become more crowded than ever, especially with the use of social media that has become a platform for everyone to showcase their talents and express opinions to a wider audience. 
However, truth be told, social media can be a drag and toxic when following the wrong influencer or content creator. With many popular personalities popping here and there, who are the best influencers you should be looking up to? 

Dora Dorado 

Dora Crybaby - metroscene mag

Dora Dorado who is better known as @doracrybaby on Twitter and Tiktok became an instant internet celebrity with his videos tackling current political and social issues in the country. On his Youtube channel, Dora also sums up some of the most current and relevant issues is the country and gives his insights. His videos may be laced with political commentary, but Dora— with his witty antics and background in dancing— always delivers his message with facts and en pointe. Get it? 

You can follow Dora Dorado on his Twitter, Tiktok, and Instagram, and subscribe to his Youtube channel.

Macoy Dubs

Macoy Dubs - metroscene mag

If you’ve been spending your time surfing the internet, you’ve probably seen Mark Averilla also known as Macoy Dubs, the content creator behind the woke and hilarious modern-day Filipina aunt, “Aunt Julie”.

In one of his most recent videos as “Aunt Julie,” Macoy reminded the public that voter registration for the upcoming 2022 election has resumed has already resumed this September. 

Also, last July 30, Macoy Dubs together with other social media influencers went to the Supreme Court to file the 21st petition asking to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

You can follow Macoy Dubs on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram.

Yani Villarosa 

Yani Hatesu - metroscene mag

The one and only Yani Villarosa or @yanihatesu to her followers has become quite a household name in the local Twitter scene through the years. Her relatable skits and funny antics have caused her to go viral numerous times, and we can't really blame the internet. Yani is indeed very funny, but what makes her stand out? At her young age, she already found her voice to raise awareness to certain causes. She is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and a strong supporter of @maykamaykaba and Save Our Schools Network's advocacy which is to spread awareness and provide welfare and safety to our Lumad brothers and sisters in Mindanao. 

You can check out Yani Villarosa on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

AC Soriano

AC Soriano - metroscene mag

AC Soriano’s tweets are everywhere and we are not complaining! The Twitter personality goes with the Twitter handle @itsacslife and avidly uses his platform to speak on certain issues in the country. His relatable and unapologetic opinions never missed a beat and were always accompanied by facts.

You can check out Ac Soriano on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Davao Conyo

Davao Conyo - metroscene mag

Phillip Hernandez, also known as Davao Conyo is the human form of Paxil, Prozac and Lexapro. His hilarious internet skit #IsangPlatitongHustisya is a breath of fresh!

But while his Tiktok videos and infamous dubbed videos have given everyone a lot of laughs on the internet, Davao Conyo has also been very vocal about certain social issues in the country. He is also a body-positivity advocate and shares his healthy journey on his social media.

You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Hershey Neri

Hershay Neri - metroscene mag

Hershey Neri’s videos are hilarious. Period! Her stories of surprising events— missing bathrooms and exposed genitals— will make you want to go out and experience life a little more. Aside from that, Hershey also uses her platform to encourage women to embrace their empowered self and be the person they are destined to be. She is also a mental health advocate and avidly uses her voice to speak towards current social issues.

You can catch Neri’s stories on her Twitter and Instagram.

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