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Taylor Swift announces 'Speak Now (Taylor's Version)' will include six new songs

May 6, 2023 0 comments

What a great time to be a Swiftie!  After releasing the re-recorded version of Fearless (Taylor's Version) and RED (Taylor's Version...

Clara Benin finds beauty in unlearning people in 'Small Town'

Apr 21, 2023 0 comments

Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin drops a song about leaving the past behind and embracing the newness that comes with it. In her new s...

The Script guitarist Mark Sheehan dies at 46 "after brief illness"

Apr 16, 2023 0 comments

Mark Sheehan, the guitarist of Irish pop band The Script, has died aged 46 after a brief illness, the band announced on social media on 14th...

22 Taylor Swift Songs about Joe Alwyn that will not be the same if they break up

Apr 9, 2023 0 comments

In what comes as a surprise to fans, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly broken up after being together for over six years. The news...

6 Underrated Local Bands You Need to Add to Your Playlist ASAP!

Mar 26, 2023 0 comments

Are you ready for another round of discovering awesome Filipino bands? We know you are! We're back with more music recommendations that ...

Let Syd Hartha's Gabay EP Be Your Roadmap to Healing

Mar 23, 2023 0 comments

Filipino singer-songwriter Syd Hartha is taking the music scene by storm with her debut EP, "Gabay," under Sony Music Entertainmen...

8 Underrated local artists you should be listening to right now

Mar 14, 2023 0 comments

 Welcome to the world of undiscovered musical treasures! In a sea of repetitive mainstream hits, it's time to dive into the deep end and...

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