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Olivia Rodrigo hints new music: ‘Working on So Many New Songs’

Jan 10, 2023 0 comments

It looks like we are set with good music this year after Filipino-American singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo, teased about working on her ne...

These 3 P-Pop girl groups are changing the local pop culture

Jan 6, 2023 1 comments

Among the emergence of new artists and performers, these influential P-pop groups have laid the groundwork for P-pop domination. BINI ...

Miley Cyrus to release new album Endless Summer Vacation

Jan 5, 2023 0 comments

Multi-platinum selling recording artist, songwriter, and trailblazer Miley Cyrus has announced a new album called  Endless Summer Vacation ,...

Local folk-pop band The Ransom Collective is coming back on stage next month

Jan 5, 2023 0 comments

The Ransom Collective  is set to return to the live stage with   Hello Again: The Ransom Collective Reunion Show  at 123 Block in Mandala Pa...

Tome.'s debut album “First Edition God Complex” is Pinoy hyperpop perfection

Dec 5, 2022 0 comments

Manila-based indie-pop artist tome. 's debut album, "first edition god complex," reinvents the Pinoy hyperpop scene.  Tome. &#...

Jack White's Philippine show was a testament to the musician's staying power

Nov 26, 2022 0 comments

J ack White is many different things to the public eye—he's a singer, guitarist, drummer, philanthropist, and sometimes even a diva to s...

Metrobeats vol. 1: The Metroscene top music picks for your playlist

Nov 16, 2022 1 comments

Metrobeats is Metroscene's way of highlighting the finest local music from our radar. Below we've broken down our list of our favori...

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