6 Fun Skills to Learn to De-Stress during the unending COVID-19 Pandemic

May 10, 2021 0 comments

The past year has been rough on a lot of us because of the pandemic. However, things haven't changed, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the country continues to rise daily, and the government is still somehow lost in its pandemic response.

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Without a doubt, everyone could really use a break from all the stress this virus has brought upon our lives. With that, we listed six fun skills you can learn to help yourself de-stress during these trying times.

Skill #1: Writing 

The best way to de-stress is to express! With writing, you are able to understand and think about your feelings more clearly. Thereby giving you the unique opportunity to feel, express, and control your emotions. An opportunity that you don’t really get when speaking. From Journal Writing, Story Writing to Blogging, there are many different ways for you to express yourself through writing. 

Learning how to write is actually very simple: all you need is a pen and some paper, or your preferred word processing software like Microsoft Word or Notepad, and you’re good to go!

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Skill #2: Arts and Crafts

If you’re more on the visual-kinesthetic side, learning to create your own artwork is the best way for you to express yourself. This skill helps you take your understanding of the physical world, and reshape it into whatever form you want. 

There are many different ways for you to express yourself through arts and crafts. From illustration, sewing, sculpting, and so much more depending on your preferred way of expression.

Arts and Crafts is a fun skill to learn because it gives you the feeling of control over reality. It gives you the feeling that your actions matter, and can affect reality. 

Learning arts and crafts can be very cheap, or very expensive depending on the tools you’re using, or the medium you’ve chosen. But when you’re starting, always start with something small, cheap, and easy! 

Skill #3: Playing an instrument

Have you ever lost yourself to music? Where the sounds of the songs you’re listening to make you experience a variety of feelings? Recreate those sounds by learning how to play an instrument! 

Perfect for the musically inclined, learning how to play an instrument would help you express your emotions in a way you’re most familiar with. 

There are many different ways for you to express yourself through playing instruments. From playing the guitar, the keyboard, drums, and so much more depending on your preferred way of expression.

Playing instruments is a fun skill to learn because it helps you improve your memory, increases your cognitive abilities, and makes you creative. 

Learning how to play an instrument is a little expensive depending on the instrument of your choice, to your choice of tutors. But it’s good to let you know that there are a lot of cheap, used like new instruments available for sale, and free video tutorials on how to use them. 

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Skill #4: Meditation

Because of the pandemic, every aspect of your life is in turmoil. You feel like everything is spiraling out of control. With anger and paranoia being a daily part of your life, you’re thinking if there’s still a way for you to no longer feel overwhelmed.

Enter: meditation. It’s a practice where you use techniques like mindfulness, or focusing on a singular object or thought, to improve your attention and awareness. 

There are many different ways for you to overcome your worries through meditation. From Mindfulness meditation, Acceptance meditation, and Managing Anxiety meditation, and so much more depending on your problem.

Meditation is a fun skill to learn because it helps you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. Giving you a short, yet meaningful break from all of your worries.

Learning meditation is fairly simple because of the thousands of free meditation guides on Youtube, the paid, premium services of apps such as Headspace. 

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Skill #5: Playing Video Games

Anyone questioning your love for video games? Then show this list to them! Show mom and dad that all those hours you’ve spent on your console or phone is absolutely not a waste of time. In fact, playing video games can teach you a number of skills depending on the type of game you’re playing! 

There are many different skills you can develop from playing video games. Fighting games teach you memorization and hand-eye coordination, Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games can teach you teamwork and strategy, and adventure games teach you to make better decisions. 

Playing video games is a fun skill to learn because it gives you dozens of chances to get back on your feet when you’ve failed. A reminder that it’s never too late to try again. 

The great thing about video games is that there’s something for everyone, and you can learn something new from each one. 


Skill #6: Teaching

Maybe you’re already a talented individual. That you’ve been mastering your craft for years, and you already know everything there is to know about that topic. Then maybe it’s time for you to share what you know with others! 

Yes, there’s a pandemic, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your gifts! You can join Youtube and start video tutorials, write informative blogs, or get paid by being a teacher for learning apps like Skillshare and Udemy. 

Teaching is a fun skill to learn. It does not only help other people grow their skills, but it also gives you an opportunity to hone your own skills. Which is great! After all, practice makes perfect. 

Whatever’s happening with the world outside your window, it is not within your control. Things seem hopeless, and it feels like the current state of our world is the new normal. And let’s be honest, most of us can’t really do anything about this. 

What we can do is to focus on just one thing —OURSELVES. And it’s our responsibility to make sure that nothing can hinder our growth as human beings. That not even a pandemic can and should stop us from being the people we are meant to be. 

What skill would you like to try out first? Comment down below! We’d love to know your thoughts. 

━━ Written By Alec Luigi Fernandez

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