About Us

May 23, 2020 0 comments
Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions: 

Who are we?

Metroscene Mag is an independent digital magazine for the young, empowered and creative. It is a destination of stories from all over the world within the scenes of entertainment, lifestyle, politics, and current issues. With stories made by the youth, for the youth, Metroscene Mag offers a space that fosters creative thinking, societal awareness, and service to the community. It also features discussions and narratives that were produced from fresh ideas by great minds. 

Do you accept article submissions?

Yes! Articles related to entertainment, lifestyle, politics, and current issues are welcome. Our team is more than excited to review your submissions. You may send your articles to metroscenemagazine@gmail.com.

Note: Since Metroscene is an independent and non-profit digital magazine, we do not offer monetary compensation just yet, but as we grow and continue in this journey, we promise that we will be providing compensation to our deserving, talented contributors. 

I want to invite Metroscene to an event. Who do I talk to?

You may send us an email at info.metroscenemag@gmail.com. We’d be happy to be of service!



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Metroscene Featured Artists


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