The Scene: Pipay Kipay And The Humor Of Subtle Shade

Saturday, September 26, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has put almost everything on pause. However, as we sink deeper to the quarantine period, a handful of promising and talented content creators are rising—not only to entertain—but to spread awareness as well.

With all the things happening in the country, having a content creator or an influencer who can speak our language is a breath of fresh air. Luckily, we can finally get to breathe that good air with Pipay Kipay!

19-year-old Civil Engineering student John Paul Joseph Santos, also known as Pipay Kipay, has gone viral numerous times on Twitter and have gained a huge amount of attention—all for good reason.

In his viral videos, Pipay Kipay hilariously features the different situations everyone faces during the n-month-long quarantine period. But what sets Pipay Kipay from the other content creators out there? His subtle political shades.

In this feature, Metroscene Mag is lucky to have the chance to talk to Pipay Kipay himself. Here's why Pipay can make the basic influencers run for their money:

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Metroscene: Have you always wanted to become a content creator? 

Pipay: Yes of course! I looked up to many content creators na hindi lang nagpoproduce ng entertaining content but also truth. I’ve always wanted to do videos na alam kong may purpose at may patutunguhan. I also love editing my own videos, it makes me happy na alam ko yung nilabas kong content is pinag isipan at nalaanan ko ng puso. 

M: Where do you get ideas for your videos?

P: Usually from news, I don’t usually refer sa social media lalo na kung hindi verified yung source, ayokong magkalat ng fake news lalo na sa audience ko. Minsan sa mga ganap din sa buhay na alam kong maraming makakarelate ganern! 

M: What’s your motivation in pursuing this kind of content? Who are your inspirations?

I’m a fan of quality contents na hindi mema. I like something po na may matututunan ako as well as my audience. I really look up as an inspiration po sila kuya Macoy Dubs, Dora Dorado, Davao Conyo, etc. gusto ko yung content na may kabuluhan na may konting shadyness xhnz! 

M: How did you find the courage to publicly show your opinions?

Kung hindi pa ngayon, kailan? Now’s the right time, dapat na tayong marinig. Kung may say ka, say it, kung natatakot ka that’s the sign na alam mong may pinaglaban ka. Ako personally, natatakot, I’m too young for this, but no too young to voice out my side. 

M: Have you dealt with any hater in social media? How did you respond?

Me personally, di ako masyadong palabasa ng comments. Comment section are way too dangerous and hurtful. If ever man na may nakita kong hate comment, ignore, I am also a viewer, not all contents are for everyone naman. 

M: What’s the message you want to tell young aspiring content creators?

Use your platforms wisely, one day you’ll become a great influencer. Make your viewers remember you as a quality content creator, that used his/her platform as a voice and did something for the country and its people. And make them remember that you used the title “influencer” the way it should be used. Discipline yourself, you can’t influence others if you don’t start it within you. 

M: And lastly, your message to the youth especially in these trying times?

Work hard. Don’t waste time. Time flies so fast, so make the most out of it and be productive. There’s no such thing that can hinder you from reaching your dreams. Lastly, follow safety protocols and be safe.

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An Open Letter to Filipinos in the Time of COVID-19

Thursday, September 24, 2020

An Open Letter to Filipinos in the Time of COVID

Seven months have passed.

Still in 2020, we yearn for some good things and events to happen. Everything that happened in the earlier months would easily wind up in a list of tragic and painful experiences. We still have another four months to see what this year has in store for us. We ask ourselves, how long will these tragedies last? When will this end?

Few months before we started 2020, we were busy finishing a bunch of tasks, attending parties and other social occasions, and performing our responsibilities in our work or in school. More importantly, we breathe in the air without the slightest worry, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life without any consequences to our health.

Suddenly, the world was overwhelmed by a disease that would leave its footprints in history. And the world was never the same again.

Filipinos’ lives changed abruptly. Our daily tasks were hampered by a series of lockdowns and community quarantines. Face masks and face shields became necessities, and social distancing became a must. These and more rules were carried out in a matter of weeks that stretched into months. Sounds simple? Unfortunately, it entails grave changes in the lives of many.

How can a pandemic steal our freedom? How can Covid-19 cripple the country and the rest of the world?

We started living in between paranoia, and battling against the illness, while juggling our commitments to keep ourselves afloat, and afford basic needs to survive. The number of lives that the pandemic claimed continued to increase, many businesses closed, many people starved, and frontliners ended up leaving their work, or worse, dying while in service. The pandemic sowed fear, anxiety, and exhaustion that led to the deterioration of mental health in many, and worsening of the living conditions of thousands of Filipinos.

Now, we feel the loss of strangers from their families and friends who died because of the pandemic. We may not know them, but we extend our sincerest condolences and sympathy. And while our economy continues to decline, we do simple gestures that promote local businesses, and foster their development.

It was almost unbearable to wake up in the morning, hearing the same news every day, bothered by the number of unemployed workers who struggle with what was left of them because companies have shut down and can no longer sustain their livelihood. On top of that, we are frustrated by the incompetence of the officials who have lost track of their priorities and responsibilities, and have turned a blind eye to the suffering of all, if not many, regular civilians.

We wish we could just put an end into everything. Perhaps, wake up from a nightmarish slumber and go back to our old normal state where we left our lives before the pandemic even began. But this, my friend, is a rude awakening. The new normal is beginning to reveal many truths: the ineptitude of our leaders, and their relentless apathy, the significance of our health that we had taken for granted many times before, and the company of the people we care about the most.

This is the time to contemplate what we have missed and what we are still losing. We have been battling the crisis and we will succeed above it. Nothing, after this, should ever be the same again.

What is there to believe that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel or a silver lining for us to hold on to? Something to grapple in the midst of our dark days and the darkest that has yet to come?

We long for the things that we used to do. We daydream for the better tomorrow - a future that is far from what we witnessed today. We imagine, after this has ended, we will restore, and we will learn. From that view afar, we can only dream. We can only hope. The country needs resiliency and it needs to deepen its faith - something to hold on to when nothing makes sense and seems clear in the present time. When our strength falters, we support one another, uplifting each other.

Before it’s too late, let’s ask ourselves, what is this story telling us?

Until then, we will continue to ask.

Written by: Claui de Guzman

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SB19 Iconic Moments, Ranked | Metroscene Mag

Even if you aren't mainly a  K-pop fan or If you've been in the international K-pop fandom for a long time, you probably already came across this particular boy group. 

 We're talking about the all-Pinoy, K-pop inspired boy band SB19.

SB19 took the internet by storm this year as their dance practice video went viral. Now, John Paul,  Josh, Stellvester, Felip Jhon and Justin recently celebrated their first anniversary as a group!

 We have listed their most iconic performances so far!

1. SB19 performs "Go Up" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

2. SB19 accepts Vice Ganda's Speed Dance Challenge

3. SB19 singing Go Up live (without back up song) in MYX



Here's to many more years of success!

Image result for sb19gif

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13 Underrated Taylor Swift Songs You Forgot That Existed

Image result for taylor swift lover photoshoot

Well, Taylor Swift considers number 13 to be her lucky number and with her album "Lover" receiving a record of twelve nominations at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, including Video of the Year and Song of the Year, and winning Video of the Year. Taylor Swift is really the lucky one.

In honor of Taylor Swift, here are some of the best and most overlooked Taylor tracks for your pure enjoyment. 

1. Invisible

Image result for invisible taylor swift gif

I mean, everyone knows about the album, but everyone seems to forget about this heartbreaking song about having a crush. I think it's a cute, painful song with a great melody and a great story to listen to — a significant throwback in 7th grade.

2. A Perfectly Good Heart

Image result for A Perfectly Good Heart  taylor swift gif

Do you remember your first heartbreak? This track was released when Taylor was still in her teenage years, and the song perfectly conveys the feelings a young person goes through  the end of their first serious relationship.

3. I’d Lie

Image result for A Perfectly Good Heart  taylor swift gif

This song was never on a T.S album, and I still wonder why on earth Taylor did not released it. There's something about the song that makes me sad whenever I listen to it. I didn't really understand it when I first heard it, but as I got older, this song just got better and better.

4. The Best Day

Related image

I don't know about you but whenever this track comes up in a shuffle play-I cry. "Best day" is a track from the album fearless. It is a heartwarming song about how Taylor's father loved her when she was little and continues to love her. Isn't that sweet?

5. Never Grow Up
Image result for never grow up taylor swift gif

I have always considered this track as a sister song of 'The Best Day' from Fearless. Swifties would probably say that 'Never Grow Up' is a dreamy take on childhood innocence. I personally love this track because it serves as a reminder to cherish every moment of love and joy. 

6. Haunted

Image result for haunted taylor swift gif

The album Speak Now has a lot of underrated songs, and I don't understand why. Haunted, is one of my personal favourite track on this album but apparently, it's also one of the most underrated ones. 

7. Stay Stay Stay

Image result for stay stay stay taylor swift gif

This song  never fail to make me smile whenever I listen to it. It's an ultimate bop from the "RED" album, and for the longest time, it makes me believe that love actually does exist. 

8. I Almost Do

Image result for i almost do  swift gif

I Almost Do is a lyrical masterpiece, and I think everyone deserves to hear it at least once in their lifetime. I have no word for this song. Just Listen to it. Period.

9. Clean
Image result for clean taylor swift gif

Taylor wrote this song with Imogen Heap, and it's one of her most powerful songs. The melody and the beat of the song just take you slowly into a peaceful state of mind while the lyrics guide you and tell you to let all the sadness go. This track is just perfect. 

10. This Love
Related image

"This Love" was the very first song written for 1989 and was recorded shortly before the release of Red. Swift described the song as "Like saying goodbye to the past and the previous four albums". 

11. King Of My Heart

Image result for king of my heart taylor swift gif

I have to be honest, this track from the Reputation album grew on me. It wasn't one of my favourite track on the album when it came out, but as I listen to it, the expressiveness of the main vocal took me to heaven. It's a surreal and dreamy song that everyone should listen to. 

12. Daylight
Image result for taylor swift gif

In this track, Taylor is like telling us that it's a new day for a new life. It's a new beginning. I feel Daylight is so underrated for bigger ballads in the album overshadow it, but it's one of my favourites so far. In this song Taylor gives the idea of hope that soon, everyone will see their version of Daylight in their lives.

13. It's Nice to Have a Friend

Image result for taylor swift gif

I was so taken aback the first time I heard "It's Nice to Have a Friend." I listened to the album in order, and it was just one of the most emotional experience after following her music for so many years. 

             Image result for discography taylor swift gif

Phew. Taylor has given us so much! 

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Here's Everything We Know about the 'Love, Simon' Sequel

When Love, Simon — the film adaptation of the novel Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli — was released 2018, it was a breakthrough not only in the big screen but also for the LGBT+ community. The coming out story of Simon Spier is undoubtedly one of the most influential YA novel and film of the past decade. 

Well, this coming Pride Month prepare yourself for a treat because Becky Albertalli announced a continuation of the story, Love, Creekwood!

Love, Creekwood will follow the events of Love, Simon and Leah Offbeat (another book from the Simonverse), and is set during the gang’s first year of college. Albertalli said the book will also contain “shenanigans, exclamation points, yearning, Drunk Simon, Nostalgic Blue, Finals Week Abby, Valentine’s Day Leah, big decisions, and MUCH talk of kissing.” Tell us more! 

Albertalli, who is an outspoken LGBTQ+ ally, also revealed that proceeds from the book will be donated to The Trevor Project.

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#StarveTheTrolls: This site helps you block internet trolls easily

Many of us have internet access, yet few of us choose to troll. Just plain nasty. Imagine how tired we are? These little social media rats will not only tarnish your brand or reputation, but some also harass people in a traumatizing way. 

The darker side of it, in the Philippines, a paid online ‘troll’ can earn P30,000-P70,000 monthly. Imagine that? 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to #StarveTheTrolls.

How to spot an online troll?

Troll accounts are more likely new and focuses only on  few threads and post irrelevant content, and  have much lower writing quality than authentic users which isn't much of a surprise.

Luckily, a twitter user created a web app designed to help Twitter users avoid harassment and abuse by trolls, fake accounts and bots.


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MayMay Entrata is set to become Philippines’ next great style icon

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Maymay Entrata - Fashion- Metrosene Mag

MayMay Entrata is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the Philippine fashion scene. The actress-singer and model have already graced several covers of high-profile magazines in the country and has made her international modelling debut at the Arab Fashion Week in 2018. Even Tyra Banks herself noticed the fashion maven!

We have seen her glammed up in glitz and glamour for magazines and runways, but how about her personal style? It's an elusive beast at best. Proving that MayMay is set to become Philippines’ next great style icon.

Check out this gallery of MayMay's best style moments!

What's your favorite OOTD from MayMay? 

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