#MasMaramiTayo: Here's Why You Need To Register To Vote Before It’s Too Late

Thursday, September 17, 2020

There is no other day on earth in which we are truly equal other than an election day. It’s a day where everyone has the right to vote and every vote, no matter who you are, is counted as one – it’s a time where there is no man in the Philippines whose vote is more powerful than another’s. 

For many years, ever since adapting democratic process in electing nation leaders, our country’s political landscape has changed from a change-driven, public service arena, to politics stained by controversy, dynasties, a gateway for wealthy cronies, and positions ruled by power-hungry opportunists.

Not only is it exhausting to be met by the same faces, names, and promises, but it is also dangerous for our country, and the democracy we uphold, if we elect candidates whose interests and dreams are not aligned with the needs of the Filipino. We now already face the consequences of allowing a fascist to head the country, and one of the ways we can contribute in preventing this from ever happening again is to vote wisely. But first, we must register. 

Why Your Vote Matters

Registering to vote is the initial step in shaping a nation. The right to suffrage is an exercise of a constitutional right that allows ordinary Filipinos, aged 18 and above, to elect a set of leaders that would represent the nation, listen to the plight of its people, embody the image of a wise and emphatic leader, and protect the homeland from falling into anarchy.

The future of generations that would come after us would rely on our good judgment of character, wisdom, and leadership, in politicians whose decisions would define today and the future.

It’s easy not to understand how impactful our votes are when we don’t realize its effects on our lives. The politicians we elect will have tremendous powers. Some of them will have to make decisions that may affect the prices of goods we buy daily in the markets like fish, meat, and other goods, and if our purchasing power is limited only to items we need to survive, how else are we going to afford any other necessities? Some of them would author and pass laws that would define the economy, education, military, press, and other departments in which the welfare of our nation is built on. Therefore, we must vote for the right people, or else, we are risking our democracy and the future of our countrymen, by putting our homeland into the wrong hands.

How to Register for the 2022 Elections

You can register to vote if you are 18 years old or will be 18 years old on May 9, 2022, has lived in the Philippines for one (1) year, and has not been disqualified to vote under any law in the country.

You can register from Tuesday to Saturday, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M, to the Office of the Election Officer closest to you. If possible download and fill out the registration form, supplementary data form, and coronavirus self-declaration form available here, but you can only sign the forms once you are at the Comelec office, in the presence of the election officer.

Make sure to bring any Comelec accepted IDs with you, and your own pen. The deadline of registration is on September 20, 2021.

Exercise your right to vote. The future of the country and people is in your hands.

Written by Kim Argosino  

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