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MayMay Entrata is set to become Philippines’ next great style icon

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Maymay Entrata - Fashion- Metrosene Mag

MayMay Entrata is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the Philippine fashion scene. The actress-singer and model have already graced several covers of high-profile magazines in the country and has made her international modelling debut at the Arab Fashion Week in 2018. Even Tyra Banks herself noticed the fashion maven!

We have seen her glammed up in glitz and glamour for magazines and runways, but how about her personal style? It's an elusive beast at best. Proving that MayMay is set to become Philippines’ next great style icon.

Check out this gallery of MayMay's best style moments!

What's your favorite OOTD from MayMay? 

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Wing it 'til you make it with the new STABILO x Sephora Collection

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Wing it 'til you make it with the new STABILO x Sephora Collection - metroscene mag

If you’re going to ask any college student about their back to school must have, we guarantee that STABILO highlighters will make the list. Admit it or not, but those series of colorful highlighters do, well, almost anything.

Hell, you might have even thought of using it as an eye liner because its tips, were too perfect to draw wing eyeliner!

Well, get ready to satisfy your curiosity! STABILO highlighter and Sephora have teamed up to create a new beauty line that will bring you back to your college sleepless nights— less the stress, guaranteed.

Sephora x STABILO Felt tip Eyeliner is perfect for everyday makeup or a night out party with your friends! (or use it while studying, we wont judge.)

This collaboration puts its “dual line” capacities to the test with its intuitive applicator nib: create thin or thick lines, or even the most perfect winged liners!

The Felt tip Eyeliner collection has a variety of 4 intense and pigmented colors you can choose—the Ink Splash (black), Back-to-School (grey), Chocolate Break (dark brown) , and Summer Holiday(dark blue shade).

As of writing, Sephora x STABILO Collaboration is not yet available in the country but the felt eyeliner is priced at 15 Singaporean dollars, which is approximately P538. We can’t wait to have these babies !

Text by: Novie Nunez

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This Clothing Brand is changing the world, one ‘katcha’ at a time!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Thinking of going green (and every color in between) with your closet? Craftcha has got the goods: bags, shorts, pants, dusters, all made from eco-friendly ‘katcha’!

Craftcha is a micro-business enterprise that offers handcrafted products made from repurposed and upcycled materials. Some of their products include bed covers, kitchen towels, apron, foot rug, kitchen appliances cover, and gift packaging all made with sustainability in mind-- and quality, too!

“We started out as a small-time family business back in 2009. We were one of those who experienced the impact of Typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila. Our experience inspired us to put up a business that advocates cloth waste management in minimizing plastic bag use.” says Ms. Merlita Manicad, founder of Craftcha in an interview with Metroscene Mag.

From 500 pesos as starting capital, Ms. Manicad started her business without knowing when or where it will take her. "Masipag, matiyaga, madiskarte, maparaan, praktikal, and creative" are the most often commendations of her customers to her brand.

Fashion but make it sustainable

Craftcha innovates and creates useful household goods not just made of flour sacks but also from scrap cloth, old clothes, old jeans, outdated clothing, and even from rice sacks as their new products.

“Given our story on how we started, as well as our goals, it is purpose-driven. Kakayanan natin na makapag inspire pa ng ibang mga tao at maniwala sila na madaming magagawa sa mga basurang tela. Sa tuwing nagbibigay suporta ang mga costumers natin sa mga little efforts ng brand sa pag lessen ng basura, at paniniwala sa mga nagagawa naming products. These are the little gestures and small deeds na nagke-create ng long term impact, that keep us going.” she added.

For more than a decade of crafting, the company have already contributed a lot in terms of sustainable living, taking pride in their slogan: “Craftcha – 99% upcycled goods, handcrafted for the love of nature.”

You can visit on Facebook and Instagram or reach out to Ms. Merlita Manicad through email to accommodate your inquiries.

Text by: Novie Nunez

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Vans drops a milk-tea inspired Old Skool shoe collection

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Vans Old Skool Milk Tea Colorways Release | Metroscene Mag

Vans has unveiled a delectable twist to the classic Old Skool silhouette. Brace yourselves for Vans’ new collection in milk tea-inspired shades! If you're a sneakerhead who loves milk tea, this has got to be on your list. The new collection comes in  three muted nude colors, “Gentle Cream”, “Hazelnut” and “Smoked Milk Tea”. sounds delicious! 

The classic Old Skool silhouette in black and white is undeniably cool, but there's something so chic and minimalist about the new milk tea collection. For now, the designs are only available at Taiwanese shop Fruition and they retail for around 3,353.71 pesos. We know, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on these babies either!

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Nadine Lustre Is Selling Her Pre-loved Clothes

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Nadine Lustre - metroscene mag

The devil works hard, but Nadine Lustre works harder! 

     We can all agree, Nadine Lustre is a fashion maven, and there's no denying that her sense of style can end careers and launch tons of copycats. 

     Nadine Lustre is one cool chick when it comes to street style dressing. The actress' IG feed is overflowing with it girl aesthetic—whether you're looking for an outfit for a date or a casual girl's night out, Nadine got your back!

Now, you can be as glamorous as she is because Nadine is selling her pre-loved items online! 

        Decoding Nadine Lustre's off-duty styles you can easily cop – SnippetX

The pre-loved items don't broke banks too. The shoes, bags, and even polaroid cameras are available in a very affordable price! 

More of Nadine's Pre-loved Items at her Depop account.

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Fashion trends from the '90s that are back in 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020


     Fashion trends, they come and go no matter how hot they are at the time. Some things, like fashion, can get stale or feel normal at some point that people simply get tired of looking at it. That’s just how it works.

     Despite discovering new trends this year such as biker shorts and neon bodysuits,  we can say that 2019 is a year full of fashion comebacks. From dad shoes to fanny packs. Brace yourself for a fashionable trip down the memory lane. In this article, we listed trends that are coming back into style and find out how to style the pieces for yourself.


         This trend has been in and out of the fashion radar in the last few years but this year? YES, The bucket hats are definitely cool again. Whenever a bucket hat is mentioned, I think of the 90's. This 90s accessory made a major comeback on the runway and appeared in many designers’ collections this year, including Prada’s Knit Logo Bucket Hat and even Fenty x Puma’s Strapped Bucket Hats.


  The iconic early 90s pattern is making a comeback in striking plaids. This time, muted and minimalist tones of earth colors are being replaced by various loud colors and fun prints. This staple goes perfectly with a white tee, a good pair of jeans and Timberland boots. This checkered print is a must-have in your checklist.


     A denim jacket has become a closet staple as much as a white shirt. Back with bolder and bigger designs,  you can now get this iconic piece in different patterns such as graffiti prints and even a side stripe design. This throwback trend is yet another thing that proves ’90s fashion is back and sweeping us all in your feet.


     Give it up for the triumphant return of the fanny pack. Who would’ve thought that this iconic bag from our childhood will come back as a fashion statement? Being strategically rebranded as "belt bags" for today's shoppers, this one iconic bag is now available in different forms. — one for every kind of style and personality.

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The Rebirth Of Hawaiian Button-Downs

Fashion is a weird place. It is a place of extreme confusion. Think about it. Everything’s always in between the thin line of being stylish, then not chic, then suddenly stylish again. In the past few years, we've seen the return of some street style trends that we thought would never make a comeback!

We're not sure how it happened, but the fashion industry takes deep inspiration from the weirdest and ordinary parts of life. And floral print shirts worn by dads on vacation is not an exception. The Hawaiian shirt also called Aloha shirt, had more resurgences than any other trend that there was. With that, Here are new ways you can style your old man's shirt.

Hawaiian Shirt & Bolder Prints

Topman | Stone Hawaiian Revere Shirt

You can wear an Aloha shirt with a solid non-neutral color, but sometimes Bigger is Better. Large prints have been an a-not-so-stylish idea for a long time. That's because many people think it's too much to look at but this time? It's everything! Go for bolder prints and avoid the tiring palm trees and beach prints. You are not your dad.

Hawaiian Shirt & White Tee

Topman red Red Hawaiian Short Sleeve Shirt 71368AAADC1C93GS_1
Topman | Red Hawaiian Short Sleeve Shirt

You can never go wrong with a white tee. It’s one of the easiest ways to style up or down a look. Luckily, the Hawaiian Shirt &  white tee fits so much that it looks good with each other. If you are pulling off a boy-next-door look, this one is for you. Be cooler than weather by wearing it with denim pants and your favorite classic converse.

Hawaiian Shirt & Shorts

Chase Fashion | Trees Print Button-Down Shirt

If you want to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. This pair is for you. Solid colors such as tan, khaki, white, navy, olive, and off-white are the go-to colors for the shorts to balance out the Hawaiian Shirt. If you are bold enough, try to leave the first button from the top open to reveal some chest.

Hawaiian Shirt & Khakis

Mango Man black Hawaiian Flowy Shirt EA3BFAA3044323GS_4
Mango Man | Hawaiian Flowy Shirt

Khakis can be a little tricky when you mix it up with anything because it dresses up everything. Hawaiian Shirt and Trouser work together if you are pulling off a smart casual look. It’s best to wear your shirt untucked to give it a laid back and chill presence, especially if your shirt has big prints.

Hawaiian Shirt & Biker Shorts

Brave Soul grey Lasike Denim Biker Detail Shorts 93836AA0000DCAGS_1
Brave Soul | Lasike Denim Biker Detail Shorts

You might think no way this would work, but there’s nothing impossible now. Especially in fashion. If you are looking for a way to give the old Hawaiian Shirt get up a twist, Biker Shorts is the key! Hawaiian Shirt & Biker Shorts are both versatile pieces so coming up with a great look is not a shocker. In order not to look overdone, go for a more chill color and laid back pattern for this get-up.

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The BEST Minimalist Brands For Every Scene

Minimalism has long been a special form of fashion. Some people prefer it more than the extravagant and colorful side of fashion, preferring only pieces that have a fluid nature from top to bottom with no interruptions in between. But as the world was hit by the economic recession in 2008, the trend expanded its boundaries globally and turned into a statement that now can be seen globally on the runways.

Minimalism is one very versatile trend. It fits almost all categories of fashion. From casual wear to streetwear, you can see inspirations from being minimalist. A clean and peaceful take on fashion.

Here are some of the leading 

Minimalist brands to help you achieve the style.


The Uniqlo aesthetic is deeply minimalist with the way it produces staples. This Japan-based clothing line transcends the Japanese culture with its minimalist designs and colors. Its garments represent a unique blend of Japanese design and modern-day fashion trends.

Acne Studios

Minimalism is often used in the context of art, but minimalisms is also about expressing emotion. Acne Studios is one of the leading brands that lets you wear what you feel cleanly and neatly. Acne Studios’ subdued designs have made its wild success in the fashion industry and show no sign of stopping.


Mango is another great brand for the minimalist style guy. From accessories, bags, and of course a ton of neath and clean clothing to choose from. What’s great about Mango is that they have very high-quality pieces, from top, pants, jackets, coats, etc. You can get them at an affordable price. Street casual, smart casual looks? you name it and MANGO will deliver.


Your way to a minimalist style could begin with a Theory. In minimalist fashion, Theory has been making staples that are very clean and neat. This New York-based brand makes everything from pants, blazers, shirts, suits, and sweaters.  And all-around brand for every minimalist.

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