'Gameboys', a much healthier choice than 'Sakristan'

Saturday, May 23, 2020
Gameboys: A much healthier choice than 'Sakristan' - Metroscene Mag

Set in the present day of pandemic, a fresh series that will surely captivate hearts and create buzz comes in a surprise, and it's a much healthier option than 'Sakristan.'

In a quarantine period where Pinoy viewers were hooked and laser-eyed to the popular Boy Love (BL) series from Thailand, '2gether', a Filipino BL series entitled 'Gameboys' will surely make a mark.

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Recently premiered last May 22 in The IdeaFirst Company's Youtube page, the show's first episode 'Pass or Play' opens with the lead actor, Cairo, played by Elijah Canlas, Facebook live-watching his online play with fans.

Next comes Gavreel, starring Kokoy dos Santos, who defeated Cairo in an online match. But what happens when two unexpected friends not just play their consoles, but play in the name of love?

The first time I watched the pilot episode, I was in awe, maybe because I didn't expect this kind of a daring move for a show to be shown in the country. But then I found myself smiling as the episode ran.

Gameboys: A much healthier choice than 'Sakristan' - Metroscene Mag

'Gameboys' is a promising BL series that will create history in the theme of LGBTQ+ in the country. Sure, shows like this is still considered as a taboo but it will effectively create discussions and discourse.

Not to mention that it is the first Filipino BL series, because while there were a lot of gay media produced beforehand, none were really using Thai's BL formula, not like this one.

It's a great start. A fearless dip of toe in the water. With two actors who have been harnessed by numerous indie films, their acting prowess is definitely a no doubt.

Shooting in this quarantine period, the show is oustanding considering the limited production and social distancing each one should observe. The editing and shoot-from-webcam tone is a notable work.

Although cringey at some parts, the actors' exchange and delivery of lines and 'pabebe' acting is great. Also noting Kokoy's charm and Elijah's cuteness are off the charts.

Who said boys can't play games then eventually fall in love? Fingers crossed.

However, the producers of the show are still collecting the audience's reactions and are still deciding on the show's future. Help in making it a regular BL series and show them your love and support!

Who knows the Philippines is ought to have its own version of SarawatTine?

Text by: Kyle Cadavez

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