Rick Riordan confirms Percy Jackson TV series in the works

Thursday, May 14, 2020

It's really happening!

Miracles don’t happen overnight. After months of speculations , Rick Riordan finally announced that a series based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians is in the works for Disney Plus!

The author took to Twitter to confirm that the extremely popular Percy Jackson & the Olympians series is coming back to our screens.

The live-action will adapt the ‘The Lightning Thief’, for season one. The Riordan will also be ‘involved in person in every aspect of the show’, we hope they get this right this time.

What a great day to be a Percy Jackson fan!

The cast for the new series has yet to be announced, but the Percy Jackson movies starred Logan Lerman in the lead role, with Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth and Brandon T. Jackson as Grover. Tbh, they do still look the part, 7 years after. Sowe are hoping to see familiar faces in the show – or a cameo, at least.

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