This online exhibit is serving as a voice for the marginalized Filipinos

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
ISCOVIS: Iskolarian COVID-19 Visual Online Exhibit - metroscene mag

Quarantine the artists, but never the art.

The covid-19 pandemic stirred the world into panic. But above the chaos, artists have found ways to transform their creative energies into a calling. While the administration remains turtle-paced on recovering the nation, art served as a voice for the vulnerable, in volumes loud enough for the world to hear.

Earlier this month, artists from Polytechnic University of the Philippines launched the online exhibit entitled: “ISCOVIS: Iskolarian COVID-19 Visual Online Exhibit,” with the goal of keeping Filipinos connected, inspired and awake during these stressful times.

The online exhibit showcases artworks from twenty-five different artists of Concerned Artists of the Philippines -PUP Chapter and Molave Theatre Guild (MTG).

ISCOVIS: Iskolarian COVID-19 Visual Online Exhibit - metroscene mag

“There had been many artists who had been encouraging people to search and to explore on their creative outlet especially this lockdown and I think somewhat the idea came from that. But what is beautiful is that when our works come together it is more than celebrating the art but also awakening the people.” said Allen Pagdanganan, one of the organizers.

Literary works such as short stories, poems, essays are also part of the online exhibit. Online performances of spoken poetry and songs are also expected.

“Just really a blessing to have these set of talented artists and making unexpected harmony from these artists’ coming together.”

ISCOVIS: Iskolarian COVID-19 Visual Online Exhibit - metroscene mag

According to Pagdanganan, the exhibit will end on June 5, 2020, so the exhibit will be available for a good 3 weeks. But before that ends, they hope to express their gratitude towards the frontliners, and touch everyone’s life.

“We want to show the government that we should not be scared of them but rather for them to be scared of the people who voted for them,” Pagdanganan said “these artists, the people, the Filipinos, will never be silenced, they can quarantine the artists but never the art.”

Visit the exhibit here.

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