Let Jane De Leon and 8 Other Filipinas Tell You What It Means To Be Free

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything around the world as  we know it . Routines were disrupted, travel plans were postponed, work and businesses were put on hold. But even with more than a billion people in lockdown,  one thing remains the same: The resilience of a woman. 

In a time when it’s difficult to feel free, MODESS understands how a lot of women may feel anxious, confused, and even powerless. That’s why while some of us worry and are afraid to face the challenges of the “new normal”, MODESS found nine inspiring women who remained empowered and positive amidst the pandemic. 

Jane De Leon

As the newest MODESS angel, Jane opened up about her preparations for an upcoming iconic role that was halted by the pandemic. Tulad ng marami sa inyo, I had big plans for 2020,” but amidst the limitations, Jane focused her energy on working towards improving herself and her craft.

“I’m really excited to go back to shooting but for now, I push myself to train every day, and I take the time to really study my next role.” The 21-year-old actress has been sharing snippets of her workouts on social media and hinted about doing more vlogs on her YouTube channel.

 Patricia Prieto admitted

“When the ECQ started, my mental, physical, and emotional health were all over the place. I couldn’t workout, I couldn’t do anything,” cycling instructor Patricia Prieto admitted. When fitness gyms and studios closed at the start of the lockdown, the routines of women like Patricia, dance instructor Sam Corrales, yogi Sophie Albert, and fitness enthusiast Crisha Uy were disrupted. But these girls knew that they’re stronger and bigger than today’s challenges. “Eventually, I was able to come up with a new routine for myself. I now workout more consistently and have more strength and push to do a lot of things,” added Patricia. 

Arianne Bautista and Erika Rabara

For travel enthusiasts Arianne Bautista and Erika Rabara, 2020 was supposed to be a year filled with trips and adventures. Despite the cancelled trips, these girls have found ways to keep doing what they love to do. For Arianne, it’s all about continuing to create good content and planning for future trips. Erika, on the other hand, allows her mind to travel by reading more about the different places that she wants to visit. “Being free to move today doesn’t have to be about physically travelling. It’s about how far you can travel with just your mind,” Erika shared.

#FreeToMoveWithModess: Read the inspiring letters that these unstoppable women wrote to themselves. From upper left to lower right: @samcor_, @patrciaprieto, @crishauy, @itsophiealbert, @iradeniseoyco, @erikarabara, @arianne, @iamrheabue  

Ira Oyco and Rhea Bue 

Like many business owners, Ira Oyco and Rhea Bue had to stop the operations of their shops for a while. While it was a difficult decision to make, these two women dealt with the situation like true girl bosses. Rhea and Ira turned their homes into makeshift studios to shoot their collections and studied the effects of the pandemic to online buyers in order to protect their businesses.

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Text by: Novie Nunez

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