Remembering The Victims Of The Drug War

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The act of remembering is an act of defiance.

Remembering all The  war on drugs unleashed a culture of violence that shall forever scar the democracy of our country. Thousands of innocent people were killed and forgetting them would be an unspoken agreement with the inhumane bloodshed. 

Let us take a moment to the victims of the bogus war on drugs,  whose names and stories should not be forgotten. They have suffered and died unmercifully under the current regime. We will not forget.

 Remembering The Victims Of  Drug War

Bladen Skyler Abatayo (4 years old)

On a raid last July 2018 led to the killing of four-year-old Bladen Skyler Abatayo. The four-year-old boy was killed by a stray bullet from an anti-drug operation in Barangay Ermita, Cebu City.

Althea Fhem Barbon (4 years old)

Althea died of a bullet that hit her spine, she was on a motorcycle with her father when police shot him in the back. The bullet hit the 4-yo girl riding in front after piercing the body of her father, who died instantly.

Francisco Manosca (5 years old)

Francis was five when he died with his father on December 11 after a masked vigilante shot and killed Domingo from the window of their home.

Aldrinne Pineda (13 years old) 

“Pa, binaril ako. Pa, pulis.” Ilong’s father Allan recalled him saying those words as he rushed his son to the hospital. Ilong would die the next day.

Jayross Brondial (13 years old)

“Kuya, 'wag! 'Wag ako, hindi ako! (Sir, don't! Not me, it's not me!)” he screamed as he held his chest hit by a bullet. Jayross 'Utoy' Brondial, 13, was killed by a motorcycle-riding, masked gunman, in what neighbors believe might have been a case of mistaken identity.

Joshua Cumilang (18 years old)

Joshua was allegedly dragged by armed men to an alley near their home before being killed by Delpan beat patrolman Ronald Alvarez and a companion, according to the victim's cousin, Jimmy Walker.

Visit PAALAM.ORG for the full list.

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