These local beauty brands are vegan and cruelty free!

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Is your favorite makeup brand cruelty-free?

With the leap of self-expression through art and the rise of beauty influencers, the demand for cosmetics and beauty products has found massive growth over the past few years.

With the industry's competitive market, many companies continue to produce and introduce new products to stand out in a sea of other beauty brands. Unfortunately, behind the glitz and glamour of cosmetics and makeups, some brands use animals to test their products, leading to abuse, ill-treatment of the animal, or worse—death.

Luckily, over the past few years, the global cosmetics market has also seen a massive demand for ethical, cruelty-free, and vegan products. Some Filipino cosmetics and makeup brands are now joining the campaign, and here are some of them.

Winter Sky Cosmetics

Owned by Kathlyne Garcia, Winter Sky Cosmetics takes pride in its cruelty-free and vegan lip products, blushes, and skincare sets. Most of their lip products are oil-based and available in different of nude shades.

Recommended Products: Coffeetints, Mallow Rush Tints, Nudes and Browns, Winter Blush Powder, Winter Balms, Winter Glass Skin, Honey Oatmeal Soap, Moonshot Twin Lippie, Nude Lip Dip, Long Lasting Liquid Matte Lipstick, and Long Lasting Lipstick

Squad Cosmetics

Living up to their tagline, "We Got You!" Squad Cosmetics brings you products that will serve as your best friend!

From their flower oil-based lip product to their eyeshadows palettes, Squad Cosmetics products are not only cruelty-free but are also skin safe!

Recommended Products: Flower Lip Oil, You Can Face It BB Cream, (Liquid Foundation and Refillable Powder), Contour and Blush, Cheek to Cheek, Squad Cosmetics Lip Tint, Squad Cosmetics Soft Matte Lipstick, On the Go Stick, Squad Eyeshadow Palettes, Multi-Purpose Mousse Cream, Brow Mascara with Fiber, and Happy Pot

Colourette Cosmetics

Going strong since 2015, Colourette Cosmetics is one of the OGs when one talks about cruelty-free makeup that is local! Standing true to its mission to have #BeautyInAllWays, Colourette Cosmetics stays true to itself when embracing and expressing yourselves through their multi - use make - up products at affordable prices!

From pop - up stores to nationwide stores to their online platforms, Colourette Cosmetics offers a wide range of lipsticks and lip tints that offer many purposes as well as blushes that come in handy snap cases too!

All of their products are suitable for everyone, no matter what gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, occupation, status, and many more! Want one more secret? They have bundles for you to have their products in one go!

Recommended Products: Colourtints (both regular and mini), Velvetints, Easy Mattes, Coloursnaps, Colourglaze, and Shimmertints

Chihuahua Cosmetics

Dubbed as Asia's first mini-sized makeup brand, Chihuahua Cosmetics is another cruelty-free (and paraben-free) makeup brand that you can fit into your purses and small pockets into your bags!

Say goodbye to your full-sized lipsticks that you are dreading to finish and say hello to mini-sized lipsticks, lip creams, blushes, eye make - up, and many more!

Recommended Products: Chihuahua Lipstick, Chihuahua Lip Tint, Chihuahua Blush, Chihuahua Blush Stick, Chihuahua Foundation Powders with SPF 15, Chihuahua Black Eyeliner, and Chihuahua Eyebrow Pencil

Paprika Cosmetics

If you want quality cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly makeup, then you would check out this store over here!

Famous for its Touch of Spice Palette, Paprika Cosmetics uses premium ingredients and materials for makeup fans who don't want to have a hole in their wallets and are professionally created for you! Right now, they only have their famous Touch of Spice Palette, but keep an open eye for more of this brand!

Recommended Product: Touch of Spice Palette

Detail Cosmetics

Another high-quality makeup brand that is cruelty-free that embraces beauty in every detail! From their tagline, "Live Beauty in Every Detail," this brand promotes embracing your identity of beauty through their products that are worth your penny and safe for your skin!

Recommended Products: Velvet Flush, Superfine Liner, Powder Pout Lipsticks, Mineral Pressed Powder, Lip Ink, Lip and Cheek, Intense Cover Concealer, and Prep and Prime

And the list can go on as more and more makeup brands are changing the beauty industry and how ladies and girls can be beautiful without harming your pocket, the environment, and the animals! Mother Earth can thank you for saving the environment by having either one or two of these brands in your makeup drawer.

━━ Written By  Mark Baccay & Beatriz Vizconde 

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