5 Pinoy crochet TikTok creators you should follow

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Admit it or not, we all tried out something from when the year the pandemic began, some worked out and some didn’t. Various activities ranging from baking, planting, making different forms of art to help us get through that time.

Luckily, you don’t actually have to start at a young age to learn the art of making crochet. Let me tell you a secret, it doesn’t matter what age you start as long as you’re willing to put in the effort and make it work, you go for it.

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These crochet artists paving their way on TikTok used to not make any of this art at all, till some picked up their yarns and started creating from where they left off and a few others started from scratch from being taught by family members and friends, watching videos on YouTube and TikTok.

Learning on social media isn’t that bad at all but could actually even contribute to your imminent success. It’s amazing how vital having all these social media platforms for us to use to inspire and to also be inspired by others.

Definitely check out these inspiring Pinoy crochet artists on TikTok, you wouldn’t know - maybe one day you could be the next person to inspire other people who also aiming to learn about crocheting.


@mr.gantsilyo My 3rd day on learning how to crochet!#fyp #fyp #crochet #amigurumi #philippines #ph #crochetph #crochetphilippines ♬ Aesthetic - Xilo

Because of a TikTok video he saw in March 2021, John Eduard San Luis began learning to crochet, and when he started making his own and showed his work in progress and finished products to his friends, they began calling him "Mr. Gantsilyo."

Eduard was inspired to keep going after publishing a video on TikTok that received a lot of attention and views, which then he decided to turn into a business. He crochets tops and cardigans, as well as accessories such as bandanas, bucket hats, and tote bags.

Making amigurumis (crochet stuffed toys) is what he loves the most and learning on YouTube gave him a few ideas, but it wasn’t enough. Because there are patterns that are not free to create a specific design. Till he was doing a live one time on TikTok, and was talking about a Shiba Inu design pattern that he saw on Pinterest. But with the lack of funds that time, he couldn’t purchase it. One of his viewers got interested and sent him cash on Paypal to purchase the pattern and for Eduard to also get the other things he needed to start his journey and that person became his first customer.


@lig.onph custom totes for clients 🥰 #crochetph #crochettotebag #gantsilyoph #crochettiktok #crochetok #fyp #foryou #crochetbag #fashion #crochetphilipines ♬ Drake Best I Ever Had - SEB

Lig.on is a Visayan word that signifies "sturdy," "firm," and "durable". Kaila Mendoza, the artist behind Lig.onph, has always been fascinated with Cebu’s language and culture not to mention her Mom hailing from the city, she wanted to establish a sustainable and slow-fashion crochet brand.

 It all began when a family friend introduced Kaila into crocheting by teaching her how to make chains with her hands in elementary school, but she stopped as she was having a hard time then. In August 2020, she rediscovered an old interest and launched Lig.onph.

Home accessories and amigurumis (crochet stuffed toys) are her specialty, as for other forms of clothes; cropped tops, bikini tops, and sweaters, she receives commissions for various types of design. Kaila enjoys crafting various crochet creations and is always seeking fresh inspirations.


@fixingmyaccount1 Stream Sour!!! #crochet #oliviarodrigo #crochetaddiction #crochetheadband #crochetbutterfly #crochetph #DIY #sour ♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

Nicole Lim began crocheting in July of 2020. She mostly concentrates on clothing, and accessories, but she also makes toys and decor on request. Her favorite items to create are crop tops and bralettes. On her TikTok account, she shares yarn hauls and behind-the-scenes footage of her work. Her most popular post to date on her page is her creation of the Filipiñana inspired top, which received a lot of positive feedback from her followers.


@playthread handmade doll for your little one ❤️#fyp #amigurumi #amigurumiPh #crochet #smallbusiness ♬ Just The Two of Us - Kauai45 & Sweet Cocoa

Playthread by the name itself - Geraldine Balunos the artist behind, has always loved playing with thread since she was a child, when her mother used to sew and cross stitch, it was then that she began to collect scrap fabrics and make something out of it. She started crocheting in 2013, but only established and reopened her shop in 2018.

Her young daughter's presence encouraged her to create children's items and heirloom dolls. Geraldine started out creating baby shoes before moving on to amigurumis (crocheted dolls), baby clothes, hair clips, and so on. But for the time being, she is concentrating on making dolls. Seeing kids cuddle with the items that she made, gives her a sweet and dainty vibe and knowing that every crochet work is unique on its own.


@madebymyn AAAAAA i started crochet in may and im obsessed, these are not all because some i made as commissions #crochet #fyp #philippines #crochettiktok ♬ Beggin' - Måneskin

Known for making crochet tops, Jazmyn Miro promotes sustainability amidst the peak of fast fashion. She’s done several crochet projects such as bags, amigurumi (crochet stuffed toys), headbands and more,

Back in May 2020 when she started, she decided to give someone a special gift for their birthday and that’s how her journey began. Pattern testing is her favorite part of the process because she gets to try unique pieces from various artists.

Seeing crochet videos on her TikTok feed inspired her into trying a new hobby which she eventually picks up, seeing the progress she has made within a short time she decided to focus on it and is now continuously working on her designs and hopes to inspire others and help them discover their journey in making crochet pieces.

━━ Written By  Corinne Molly Martinez
━━  Art By Metroscene Mag 

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