Start Manifesting Your Wishes with Áku Intention Candles

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As we enter the new year, you might wonder how you can make your 2023 intentions more successful. The good news is, astrologically speaking, 2023 is predicted to be a much lucky year for everyone. 

But if you want extra assurance after the twisty turmoil of 2022, there's no harm in picking up a few new rituals or mantras that can help you make your year shiny and bright— like Áku Intention Candles!

Even if you're not superstitious, lighting up a candle can really help you amplify the energy of your New Year's intentions. And with that, the intention candles from Áku are here to light up and guide you through your manifestations this 2023!

Áku Intention Candles

Áku, which means "the self" in Kapampangan, started in November 2020 as a passion project by Nicole Alconcel. And true to its name, the intentional candles from Áku can help you achieve mindfulness, manifestation, and inner alchemy. 

"I started learning more about the power of the mind and how to reprogram the subconscious through meditation, and in 2020, I delved deeper into it and its relation to manifestation, healing, mysticism, and alchemy," she said. 

The idea for Áku started from the humanitarian goal of reminding people that they can manifest and shape their life experiences by simply setting an intention.

"I tried making my own vegan version of intention candle for calming the mind to help me meditate better where herbs, essential oils and crystals related to my intentions are infused in the candle," she said. "The candle worked so well with me that I started making another one for self-love, and I noticed that I started to shift my focus back to myself instead of worrying about what was happening in the year 2020."

According to Nicole, the candle industry is filled with scented candles for home décor – which is great too, but what Aku offer is firmly rooted in our purpose and intention of sending good vibrations for healing the mind and state of being. Áku transcends convention, which sets the brand apart from others.  

Manifesting with Áku

Each intention candle has a set of intentions – every herb, essential oils and crystals used are related and connected to the intentions of the candle.  


Paninap (Dream) is our intention candles for Calm, Cleansing, Awareness and Peaceful Sleep. It is infused with the essential oil of Lavender. Paninap is available for P350 (100g) and P650 (200g).


Lugud (Love) is our intention candle for Self-love, Inner Peace, Alignment and Compassion. It is infused with the essential oil of Rose. Lugud is available for P350 (100g) and P650 (200g)


Tula (Bliss) is our intention candle for Gratitude and Joy. It is infused with essential oils Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit. Also available for P350 (100g) and P650 (200g). 


Dacal (Abundant) is our intention candle for manifesting Material and Spiritual abundance, Expansion, Higher Perspective. It is infused with the essentail oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Clove, Cinnamon and Lemon. Available for P400 (100g) and P650 (200g)


Hayag (Expression) is our intention candles for Self-expression, Openness, Balancing (Self) Speech and Listening, and Wisdom. It is infused with the essential oils of Clary Sage, Lavender and Juniper Berry. It is available for P420 (100g) and P650 (P200g)

Moreover, Áku makes sure to use compostable packaging for my brand, recyclable vessels, plant-based wax, and premium essential oils instead of synthetic fragrance oils for the intention candles. 

Intention candle under Mindfulness: 

  • Muna (First). It is our intention candle for grounding, centering, balancing and clearing negative energy and is infused with essential oils of Vetiver, Frankincense and Cedarwood. Muna is only available in 150g for P590. 

  • Agos (Flow). Agos is our candle for honouring emotions, intuition and cultivating compassionate thinking. It is infused with the essential oils of Patchouli,Peppermint, Basil, Lavender and Orange. Only available in 150g for P590

Intention candles under Inner Alchemy:

  • Bulan (Moon) is our intention candle for Focus. It is infused with the essential oils for Vanilla and Peppermint. Available in 150g for P590

  • Uyayi (Lullaby) is our intention candle for Introspection. It is our candle specifically for self-reflection and shadow work, a practice where we uncover the parts of ourselves that our hidden or repressed. This candle is infused with the essential oils of Ylang-Ylang, Orange, Chamomile, Sandalwood, and Lavender. Also available in 150g for P590. 

  • Lalam (Under) is our candle for Release. The intentions are for breaking old patterns and letting go of energies that are draining. It is infused with the essential oils of Ginger, Nutmeg, Orange, Cinnamon and Clove. Available for P590 (150g)

Where to find Áku

Áku strives to create intention candles that are connected to manifestation, mindfulness, inner alchemy (self-transformation), self-awareness, and healing the mind. Their goal is to offer these products to help beings vibrate on the same frequency as what they want to attract in their physical reality by embodying specific energies that are in resonance with the things they want to bring in or experience in their life. 

You can shop and start manifesting good things here

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