22 Taylor Swift Songs about Joe Alwyn that will not be the same if they break up

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In what comes as a surprise to fans, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly broken up after being together for over six years. The news was first reported by Entertainment Tonight and has since been making waves across social media.

Fans of the couple are undoubtedly feeling the heartbreak, especially since Swift has written several songs inspired by the British actor throughout their relationship. From "Lover" to the recently released "All of the Girls You Loved Before," Swift's music has become intertwined with her love life, and fans have been eagerly anticipating new songs about Alwyn on her upcoming album. Let's take a closer look at these tracks and the story they tell about Swift and Alwyn's romance.

…Ready For It?

From her 2017 album Reputation, "…Ready For It? " was the first time she publicly hinted at her relationship with Joe Alwyn. In the song, Swift sings about wanting to take things slow with her beau to make their relationship last. The music video also included references to Alwyn, with easter eggs like his birth year and name in Chinese characters appearing throughout. Swift's fans were quick to connect the dots and speculate about the identity of her new love interest.

End Game

Another song from Taylor Swift's Reputation album that appears to be about Joe Alwyn is "End Game." In the track, Swift sings about wanting to be a part of Alwyn's "end game" and his "first string." She also refers to him as being on her "A team," a nod to her hit song of the same name. The lyrics also suggest a deep emotional connection, with Swift singing, "And I can't let you go, your hand print's on my soul/ It's like your eyes are liquor, it's like your body is gold." In the music video for the song, Swift wears a necklace with Alwyn's initial, further fueling speculation about their relationship.


In "Delicate," another track from Swift's Reputation album, the singer alludes to the early stages of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. She sings about falling for him during a time when her reputation wasn't at its best. The lyrics suggest a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty, with Swift singing, "My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me." The music video for the song also features Swift in a vulnerable state, appearing to dance and move around a deserted city without anyone noticing her, perhaps symbolizing how she felt during that initial stage of the relationship.



The upbeat track "Gorgeous" from Reputation is widely believed to be inspired by Taylor's romance with Joe Alwyn. The song details Taylor's encounter with a charming stranger with "ocean blue eyes" and an English accent, whom she meets at the 2016 MET Gala. Fans speculate that the lyrics refer to her first meeting with Joe, who was also in attendance at the event. The catchy chorus is filled with Taylor's admiration for this mystery man, singing "You're so gorgeous / I can't say anything to your face / 'Cause look at your face / And I'm so furious at you for making me feel this way."

King of My Heart


"King of My Heart" is also one of them. In the song, Taylor Swift refers to Joe as her "American queen" and herself as his "American king." She also sings about their relationship being a "powerful secret," perhaps referencing how they kept their relationship private for a while before going public.



In the song, Taylor Swift references the 2016 MET Gala where she first met Joe Alwyn, mentioning her bleached hair and his buzzcut. The lyrics also allude to the intimate nature of their relationship with lines like "Only bought this dress so you could take it off" and "I don't want you like a best friend". Additionally, she sings, "Even in my worst times, you saw the best in me", expressing her gratitude for his unwavering support.

Call It What You Want


In Call it What You Want, Taylor Swift gives a deep insight into her relationship with Joe Alwyn. She openly talks about her desire to wear his initial around her neck, which is a clear indication of her love for him. The song is a beautiful love ballad that showcases their deep connection, and it's clear that Taylor poured her heart and soul into it.

New Year's Day


In this heartwarming ballad, Taylor Swift expresses her desire to be with Joe through thick and thin. She sings about wanting to share both the romantic midnight moments and the mundane tasks of cleaning up after a New Year's Eve party. The song showcases the depth of their relationship and her commitment to being there for him no matter what.



In the title track of her 2019 album Lover, Swift sings about finding love after experiencing heartbreaks. During NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concert Series, she mentioned that she is proud of the line, "With every guitar string scar in my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover," because it shows her growth as an artist. The song is a celebration of love and the happiness it brings.

Cruel Summer


While some fans may theorize that "Cruel Summer" is about Taylor's ex Calvin Harris, many others speculate that the song is actually about the beginning of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. The lyrics suggest a secret summer romance, with lines like "He looks up, grinning like a devil" and "I love you, ain't that the worst thing you ever heard?" that hint at a passionate but complicated love affair.

I Think He Knows


In I Think He Knows, Swift sings about her love-interest knowing that she has fallen for him. She also gives a nod to his "lyrical smile" and "indigo eyes," hinting at her strong attraction towards him. The upbeat and playful tune perfectly captures the excitement and thrill of a budding romance.

Paper Rings


In Paper Rings, Swift sings about her willingness to commit to her lover, even if it means giving up materialistic things. She says she would marry him with paper rings, expressing the idea that their love is more important than any fancy or expensive symbol of commitment.

Cornelia Street


Cornelia Street is a poignant and emotional song that captures the essence of the beginning of Taylor Swift's relationship with Joe Alwyn. It speaks to the intense emotions and nostalgia associated with falling in love, and the fear of losing it. The lyrics are raw and honest, making it a relatable track for many fans.

London Boy


In London Boy, Swift expresses her love for her British beau and how she enjoys spending time with him in London. The song mentions various locations in the city, and Swift describes the feeling of falling in love with someone from a different country. She also sings about how her lover likes her American smile, and how they both feel like children when their eyes meet. The upbeat track is a fun ode to her relationship with Alwyn and their shared experiences in London.



In the closing track of Lover, Daylight, Taylor Swift reflects on her past album Red and how she once believed that love was a burning red passion. However, in this song, she comes to the realization that love is more like a peaceful golden light, illuminating everything around it. As she sings, "I once believed love would be burning red/But it's golden/Like daylight." It's a beautiful and poignant ending to an album full of love and growth.



In the song Peace from her album Folklore, Taylor Swift explores the tension between her public persona and her private life, especially as she navigates a new romance with Joe Alwyn. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she explained that the song is about "how scary it can be to hope for something, like a relationship, to be secret or kept out of the public eye, and how it can be a tough balance when you're living a life that's very public." The lyrics speak to the sacrifices she may need to make in order to maintain that balance: "Give you the silence that only comes when two people understand each other / Family that I chose now that I see your brother as my brother / Is it enough?"

Invisible String


In the heartfelt ballad, Invisible String, Taylor Swift beautifully depicts the powerful connection that brought her and her lover together, seemingly by fate. She describes how their journey was guided by an "invisible string" that led her out of the wrong relationships and into the arms of her true love. Swift's lyricism shines as she compares this thread to a barbed wire, protecting her from her past mistakes and demons, while also serving as a beacon of hope through life's ups and downs.

The Lakes


The Lakes, a bonus track on the album Folklore, showcases Taylor Swift's lyrical prowess as she paints a picture of a tranquil escape with her muse. The song hints at a desire to leave behind the trappings of fame and togetherness with the one she loves. The line "I don't belong, and my beloved, neither do you" speaks to the notion that they both yearn for a life that is separate from the public eye.

Lavander Haze


In Lavender Haze, Swift shared that the inspiration for the song came from the TV show Mad Men, where the phrase 'Lavender Haze' was used to describe the feeling of being in love. She further explained that the song is also a reflection of her own relationship, which had to endure tabloid rumors and strange stories. Despite these challenges, Swift and her partner ignored them and focused on the real stuff, which the song celebrates.

Sweet Nothing


"Sweet Nothing" is a collaboration between Taylor Swift and her partner Joe Alwyn, who wrote the song under the pseudonym William Bowery. The track explores the concept of a pure and selfless love that asks for nothing in return. Against the backdrop of a world that can be harsh and unforgiving, the lyrics speak of finding solace and comfort in a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding. The song's melody, with its dreamy and ethereal quality, adds to the overall feeling of being lost in a state of pure bliss.



In the closing track of Midnights, Mastermind, Taylor Swift confesses that her love for Joe Alwyn was not a coincidence, and that he was aware of her intentions from the start. She sings, "I made sure you couldn't miss me, strategically placed myself in your view/ I paved the way and saw a sly grin on your lips/ You knew it all along."

All of the Girls You Loved Before


All of the Girls You Loved Before is a poignant and heartfelt previously unreleased track from Taylor Swift's Lover album. The song is a beautiful tribute to Joe Alwyn's past relationships and a celebration of how they have shaped him into the man that Swift fell in love with.

In the song, Swift thanks all of Alwyn's ex-girlfriends for their role in his life, saying that they all left a lasting impression on him that ultimately led him to her. She acknowledges that she may never have had the chance to meet Alwyn if it wasn't for the experiences he had with these women, and she is grateful for them.

The lyrics are deeply emotional and personal, and show just how much Swift cares for Alwyn and his past. The song is a reminder that every person we meet and every relationship we have shapes us in some way, and that it is important to appreciate all the people who have contributed to our growth and happiness.

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