10 Local Queer Filipino Artists You Should Add To Your Playlists!

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The LGBTQIA+ community is overflowing with amazing singers and songwriters ready to shine! But let's be honest, there's a huge problem with how our super-talented queer artists are underrepresented in mainstream music. 

It's time we give queer kids the representation they deserve and show off their awesome stories and experiences. From artists making cool futuristic pop tunes to a whole new generation of singer-songwriters creating love songs like never before, these are the queer artists that deserves a spot on your playlist!

Paul Pablo

Paul Paublo is the gay pop star that the world truly needs. His latest hit, "Takaw Tingin," came out during Pride Month 2023 and it radiates confidence! Paul's artistry comes from the heart. His heartfelt songwriting never feels forced. His lyrics feel like pages ripped from our own diaries and hit the mark without being overbearing. His discography flows smoothly from one track to another. 

Sassa Gurl

Is there anything Sassa Gurl can't do? After conquering Twitter and TikTok with her relatable skits and support for the LGBTQIA+ community, she is now making her mark in the music industry! Her latest single, "Maria Hiwaga," is an absolute banger and transcends the gender binary and defies genre lines. 

Her latest hit even made a splash by claiming the top spot on the Spotify PH Viral Songs chart. And let's be real, who can blame everyone for falling in love with it? This incredible follow-up to her first single, "Lagot," combines hip hop, R&B, and local pop vibe into irresistible beats made for kanto inuman sessions and tatok jeep going to Cubao. 

Dom Guyot

When heartbreak strikes, Dom Guyot's music becomes the perfect companion. His poetic melodies inspire self-expression and exploration of emotions. In his recent single "habangbuhay/habang buhay" featuring Janine Berdin, Dom showcases his smooth R&B sound, complemented by Janine's touch. This sophisticated track beautifully portrays unrequited love and the unwavering dedication to staying together. Look forward to Dom's solo launch titled "Mayari" on Friday, June 9, 2023. Get ready to immerse yourself in his captivating music.

Stef Aranas

Stef Aranas makes music for the hot gurlz. In a world where transgender voices often go unheard, Stef fearlessly sings her heart out, pouring her experiences into rhythmic melodies that will captivate your soul. Stef's latest single, "QC Gurlz," is a catchy pop anthem that celebrates sisterhood with your friends. This chill song is perfect for a night out, especially when heading to a pop-up in Katipunan. 

Kio Priest

We can't forget to mention Kio Priest, who has truly made a mark on the local pop scene. Not only has he co-written some of the catchiest pop songs in recent years, but he also delivers a relaxed and easygoing vocal style. Just take a listen to his city pop version of "Paligoy-ligoy" by Nadine Lustre to experience it for yourself.

Kio is committed to representing the younger generation within the LGBTQ+ community. He creates music that deeply resonates with his audience such as his 2022 single, "I Wish You Were Gay." This song evokes nostalgic memories from high school, exploring the bittersweet journey of falling in love with your best friend and secretly wishing they were gay too. Undoubtedly, Kio is pushing the boundaries of pop music in the Philippines. He reminds young queer individuals that their stories are valid and deserving of being heard.

Mx Dione

If you're looking for a fiercely confident and charismatic artist who embodies the essence of dancing alone in your bedroom at 3am, Mx Dione is your ultimate go-to. With their magnetic energy and powerful presence, Mx Dione's music can transport you into a world of self-expression and empowerment. 

MX Dione not only pours their emotions into their music but also tackles important societal issues. One powerful example is their song "Aswang," alongside another emerging queer icon, Kumare Harvey. The song addresses the persistent problem of police brutality in our society today. Truly, our non-binary ceci pop gurlie is nothing short of amazing! What's amazing in tagalog? well, ask them.


This talented 23-year-old Filipino-British artist channels his efforts towards promoting awareness about mental health and HIV through his music. His song "Mood" embodies a sense of liberation and rejuvenation following a profound emotional journey. If you need healing and rest, this soothing track is just what your soul craves. Let Ángelito's music wash over you, offering solace and comfort during challenging times. Allow yourself the time to heal as you listen to the gentle melodies of "Mood."


Kaya rose to fame after sharing a snippet of her own composition, "Sa Dulo ng Bahaghari," on TikTok. This song beautifully captures the essence of queer relationships, resonating with many listeners.

Recently, Kaya released her first-ever single titled "Paalala," a heartfelt expression of love that showcases unwavering support, care, and dedication to one's partner in every aspect of life. It portrays a passionate love that we all aspire to experience in our relationships. With over 30k streams on Spotify, Kaya's music is touching the hearts of many and gaining well-deserved recognition.


SHNTI, also known as Ashanti Bulanadi, is a rising bisexual rapper and hip-hop artist hailing from the Philippines. She is making waves in the music scene with her unique style and undeniable talent. Her latest release, "ELMNT," is a powerful anthem that exudes resilience, individuality, and self-confidence. The song embodies the idea of not letting others' negativity and expectations affect you, urging you to remain untouchable and unaffected.

If you're seeking inspiration to break free from external influences and embrace your true self, "ELMNT" is a masterpiece that will empower you to fully embrace your identity and personal style. Get ready to be captivated by SHNTI's artistry, and let her music ignite your own sense of confidence and authenticity.

Miguel Odron

With a soulful and seductive voice, Miguel Odron's mesmerizing sound effortlessly blends acoustic, soul, and contemporary pop elements, enveloping listeners in a sultry and captivating atmosphere.  In his 2022 single, "Drown," Miguel radiates the warmth of finding true love and drowning in that feeling. Miguel deserves a spot on your playlist with his heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies.

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