Let these local TikTokers guide you on your next ukay-ukay trip!

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Nothing compares to the confidence that comes from feeling good about your appearance. But what if you're working with a tight budget? Fear not, because being fashionable doesn't always require breaking the bank. Sustainable fashion has got your back!

Thrift shops, commonly known as ukay-ukay shops, are a haven for budgetarian fashionistas. With some digging, you can discover hidden gems at affordable prices. And with a little patience and keen eyes, you might even stumble upon pieces from designer labels!

Are you planning your next ukay-ukay haul? Look no further! These Tiktokers have you covered, guiding you to find your next ukay scores and revamp your wardrobe. Get ready to dress stylishly without spending a fortune!

John Parungao (@Johnperuuuu)

If you're an old soul who adores everything vintage, then you absolutely must follow John Parungao right away! Prepare to be mesmerized by his "No way I found these in ukay-ukay" content, where he showcases his incredible vintage discoveries from thrift stores. 

Not only does John Parungao share his best ukay-ukay finds, but he also delights his followers with engaging short videos. In these videos, he skillfully showcases how he effortlessly styles his thrifted outfits, turning them into stunning ensembles. His genuine passion for clothes and innate talent for styling shine through in every video, making it easy for anyone to become utterly captivated and hooked on his content. 

@johnperuuuu A full thrifted fit #thisisthefit #fypシ #foryou #outfitideas #ukayukay #thrift ♬ original sound - argyfargo

Laura Mae Gregorio (@auranilaura)

One of the best perks of thrift shopping is the ability to discover the most unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. This is something that TikToker Laura Mae Gregorio fully embraces, as she shares her fabulous ukay-ukay finds and stylish outfits on her social media accounts. Her passion for secondhand fashion shines through, inspiring others to explore the world of thrifting and uncover hidden gems that add a special touch to their personal style.

@auranilaura yung palaban ung tip momfrom ukay! 40 pesos lang 😃😂 #ukayfindsnilaura #auranilaura #mariahiwaga ♬ original sound - riotheangrybird

Laura Mae Gregorio's style is an enchanting blend of "eclectic and fun," taking inspiration from her favorite celebrities and K-drama stars. Her fashion choices are a delightful reflection of her vibrant personality and love for all things cute and playful.

@auranilaura #barbieoutfit #auranilaura #barbi ♬ original sound - auranilaura23 on IG

Terence Parungao (@terryfic) 

Terence Parungao, popularly known as @terryfic on TikTok, is undeniably one of those individuals who seem to have the favor of the ukay-ukay gods! His thrifting adventures always lead him to discover fantastic thrifted items that are nothing short of amazing. Not only does he share the places where he finds these hidden treasures

@terryfiic i appreciate all the things she does, here’s my way of saying thank you 🥹 she looks amazing #outfitideas #foryou #outfitinpos #fypシ #thriftfit ♬ original sound - kanyewestenthusiast911

Terence not only has a keen eye for fashion for himself but also for his girlfriend. He impressively creates stylish ensembles not just for himself but also for her, showcasing his versatility in fashion.

@terryfiic they fit me perfectly 😭 ib: @Johnperuuuu #ukayukay #ukayfinds #ukayhaul #thrifted ♬ original sound - Terry

Nikka Pesudas (@nikkapesidas)

Our certified ukayanera, Nikka Pesudas, aka @nikkapesidas on TikTok, is undoubtedly a must-follow for every dedicated ukay-ukay shopper out there! Whether it's about new arrivals, awesome thrift shops, or sale dates, she's got you covered! Nikka's followers adore her for the detailed short videos she creates, making your next ukay-ukay shopping experience a breeze.

@nikkapesudas Replying to @tintin_orpilla should we do an UKAY HAUL next!? Lmk! #ukayukay #ukayukayfinds #ukayfinds #ukayph #ukayukayoutfit #ukayvlogs #thriftinghaul #thrifted #thriftshop #sustainablefashion ♬ Lo-Fi electric piano fashionable(840331) - yutaka.T
What sets Nikka apart is her willingness to share valuable tips and insights. She'll let you in on the best times to visit certain thrift shops for mega-sale items and the perfect dates to explore new arrivals. Yasss, we stan a queen who doesn't gatekeep!

@nikkapesudas bag ukay haul 🫶🏻✨🫡 #ukayukay #ukayukayfinds #ukays #ukayph ♬ Untouchable (No) Sped Up - Remix - Xanemusic & NVBR & kevoxx

Salgado Paolo (@salgadopaolo)

Salgado Paolo has an incredible talent for spotting amazing thrifted shoes. Not only does he have an eye for finding hidden treasures, but he also knows how to rock them with style and confidence. His fashion-forward approach to thrifting sets him apart and makes him a standout in the ukay-ukay community.
@salgadopaolo Come thrift with me at this ukay ukay gem in San Pedro Laguna! Best thrift for shoes so far 👌🏻 Location: Millenials Fashion House, 2nd floor, Suki Market, San Pedro #ukayukay #ukayukayfinds #ukayph #ukayhits #thriftshopping #thriftstore #vintagefashion ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
Paolo and his girlfriend make a dynamic thrifting duo, as they both share a passion for exploring the best thrift shops in town. Together, they dive into the world of secondhand fashion, seeking out unique and fashionable pieces that elevate their personal styles.
@salgadopaolo Come ukay ukay shopping with us as we look for sneakers, clothes, etc! #ukay #ukayukay #ukayukayfinds #ukayukayph #ukayukayislife #ukayukayshoes #ukayukaychallenge #thriftstore #thrifstorefinds #thriftstorevlog @thegelabeef on IG 🤍 ♬ San Andreas (Radio Edit) - Groove Delight

Gela Munoz (@gelamunoz)

Gela Munoz exudes the cool girl aesthetic, and she's here to inspire you with her incredible style! As a 26-year-old stylist and content creator, she's all about embracing thrifted finds, perfect fits, and rocking sneakers.

In her recent upload, the ukay-ukay gods were clearly on her side as she scored some amazing treasures. She snagged a pair of vintage Prada flats for just ₱720, and a Vivienne Westwood bag for an unbelievable ₱300! Talk about thrift shopping goals!

If you're looking for daily fashion inspiration and thrifting ideas, Gela is the one to follow. Her unique sense of style and keen eye for hidden gems will have you eagerly checking her feed for the next fabulous find. Don't miss out on the fashion-forward content she has in store for you!

@gelamunoz Got it for only ₱300! 🥹 Should I do a try on haul of this recent ukay trip? Location: Jaka Plaza, Sucat #ukayukay #ukayukayfinds #thrifting #thriftwithme #thrifttok #ukayhits #ukayph #viviennewestwood #viviennewestwoodbag #vintagebag #vintageviviennewestwood ♬ theyd be bens partner - bells

Gian Carlo (@gianukays)

Gian is truly in a league of his own when it comes to being blessed by the ukay gods! He has an unparalleled ability to uncover incredible steals, including rare finds like Cartier handbags, one after another. Fashion is not just a hobby for Gian; it's a lifelong pursuit, and his dedication to the craft is evident in his exceptional skills and keen eye for spotting valuable branded gems that most of us might overlook.

If you're looking to elevate your fashion finds and score hidden treasures during your thrift store visits, Gian's TikTok account you need to follow. Prepare to be amazed and inspired as he uncovers valuable gems that can transform your wardrobe and make you a true ukay-ukay connoisseur!

@gianukays I always love me some Totême jeans! This is my 3rd pair 🖤❤️🖤❤️ #thrift #thrifted #thrifting #thriftfinds #ukayukay #ukayukayfinds ♬ Touch My Body - Mariah Carey

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