9 Rising Filipino Gen Z Actors Set To Become The Next Big Thing

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When’s it their turn?

Whether it may be luck, love life, or career, there will always be the right time for everything. And for these up-and-coming talents, they are warming up their engines and are set to be the next big thing. Let's look at some of the most promising local young actors and actresses who are on the rise

Kaori Oinuma 

Although the “Kawaii Daughter ng Japan” was unfortunate to win the grand title, PBB Otso has paved the way for her to enter the showbiz industry.

The Filipino-Japanese actress has starred in He’s Into Her (2020)  and The Four Bad Boys and Me (2020) together with fellow PBB housemate, Rhys Miguel as her on-screen partner. She also played one of the lead roles for the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry Love at First Stream paired with Jeremiah Lisbo. 

Recently, the 22-year-old actress became the talk of the town for her role as Rigel in the movie A Very Good Girl starring Kathryn Bernardo and Academy member Dolly de Leon. Despite being a rookie among the star-studded cast, Kaori’s acting prowess has been applauded by the moviegoers. What’s next for her? Let’s watch out!

Aya Fernandez  

This 25-year-old beauty queen, host, and actress marked her career with her very first lead acting role as Jana Ramos at the 2023 Cinemalaya film entry Rookie

Aside from being an actress, she is also the CEO of Project Lily, a charcoal company that earned recognition from the United Nations and GO Negosyo for its sustainable cause. She can also dance, sing, do sports, martial arts, and is a certified scuba diver! And it just doesn’t end there! She finished her Broadcast Communication degree in UP-Diliman with flying colors!

With the beauty, brains, purpose, and wide variety of skills that she can offer, she definitely deserves a place in the limelight!

Anthony Jennings  

Despite not being able to read and write, this does not hinder the British-Filipino charmer from chasing his dreams. After his debut in Star Magic Circle in 2019, Anthony became a part of ABS-CBN’s primetime series Make It With You (2019) and the highest-grossing Philippine film of all time, Hello Love, Goodbye (2019). He also starred in Love at First Stream (2021) together with Kaori Oinuma and Daniela Stranner.

This October 2023, Jennings will be a part of the long-awaited upcoming primetime series Can’t Buy Me Love, starring the new gen phenomenal love team Donbelle.

Daniela Stranner 

From being the go-getter V that we love in Love at First Stream (2021) to being the rowdy Z that we totally hate at Senior High, this 21-year-old Filipina-German actress has already shown that she deserves a spotlight. Within just five years of being in the industry, she got a Best Actress nomination during the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival. We are all excited for what’s in store for her!

Pat Tingjuy

To be cast for a lead role in a film entry for a highly anticipated film festival is already a thing. But to bring home the Best Actress award during your acting debut is already something. Pat Tingjuy captivated us with her fresh face and acting prowess at the 2023 Cinemalaya film entry Rookie.

Just like her role in the film, the newbie actress was also a volleyball player at their university. After recently graduating from her architecture program, she plans to continue this profession while pursuing her acting career on the side.

Juan Karlos Labajo

Oh ‘di ba, nakakagulat naman? Who would have thought that Buwan and Ere singer JK Labajo could also act?

Aside from the music career that’s waiting ahead of him after being one of the finalists of The Voice Kids Season 1 in 2014, acting opportunities also came knocking on his door. The Filipino-German talent was included in the cast of ABS-CBN’s primetime series Hawak Kamay (2014) and Pangako Sa’yo (2015).

After his long hiatus in acting to focus on his singing career, the 22-year-old actor-musician showcased his acting skills during the 2022 and 2023 Cinemalaya Film entries  Blue Room and When This Is All Over, respectively. Currently, he plays the role of Gino Acosta in the teen drama series Senior High.

Miggy Jimenez 

Senior High actor Miggy Jimenez’s showbiz career has been a 360-degree turn–from being a host of GMA’s kiddie-oriented show Tropang Potchi (2009) to being one of today’s well-loved Boy’s Love (BL) actors.

He debuted in the BL genre after getting cast for the web series Gameboys (2020), where he has shown his irresistible charm and chemistry with his fellow actors. The former child host also starred in Vivamax’s Two and One (2022)  with Paolo Pangilinan and Cedrick Juan. 

Nour Hooshmand

Because of anxiety about her self-image, Nour Hooshmand grew up thinking that she should just stay backstage. 

But a call from a friend convincing her to audition for a role became the turning point of her acting career. She took the leap despite running late for work and the day after, she was having a Zoom meeting with renowned director, Antonette Jadaone.

This beauty was cast in supporting roles in the online series The Kangks Show (2021), and Girl's Love (GL) series Sleep With Me (2022). She was also in the 2023 Cinemalaya film entry Blue Room (2022) and the stellar-filled movie A Very Good Girl (2023).

In their right time, these budding artists are poised to shine, flaunting their acting potential, with each one offering a one-of-a-kind contribution to the world of showbiz.

Rans Rifol

Francinne Roy Rifol, also known as Rans Rifol, used to be part of the popular Filipino idol group MNL48. She showcased her acting skills in the movie "Kun Maupay Man It Panahon" alongside Daniel Padilla and Charo Santos. Her performance earned her the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2021 Metro Manila Film Festival.


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