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Nov 11, 2023 0 comments

Get in, bestie! We’re going shopping at this 11.11 mega sale. 

Did somebody mention about glow up? It’s refreshing to see how department stores are continuously stocking their shelves with local brands. And as for online shopping? Best-seller is just an understatement. Thankfully, the days when we could only rely on a few local brands and had to turn on high-end ones just to get our exact shade match are long gone. 

From inclusivity, price range, and quality— these homegrown makeup brands are doing god’s work in redefining the local beauty scene. What better way to use girl math than to hit checkout and refresh your stash with cruelty-free items this November 11. 


Nobody wants a cakey makeup look, and the secret for that is starting with a good base. It’s no surprise that ISSY became a go-to brand as it reached a greater market with its cult-fave skin tint. For an even more flawless base, the SKIN OF THE FUTURE COLLECTION will also be available at 15% off this mega sale. If you prefer an all-day wearing base that’s as light as its skin tint, the newest ACTIVE FOUNDATION is a good match. 

Original Price: 699
This 11.11 - 594 

BLK Cosmetics

You can finally be that girl without breaking the bank because BLK Cosmetics has prepared beauty deals as low as 99 pesos. Available in 6 shades, its Airy Concealer from the Daydream collection is not just best in covering marks or dark circles. You can also have an instant contour and highlight if you get lighter and darker shades. 

Original Price: 299
This 11.11 - 99 

Lucky Beauty

CEO Andrea Brillantes is not playing games when she said that it’s her dream to build her own makeup brand. That vision is totally manifested because since its first release, Lucky Beauty products have been flying off the shelves. In case you’re all for that air-brushed formula, the Skin Blur Powder Foundation is a must-try. 

Original Price: 599
This 11.11 - 349-399 

GRWM Cosmetics

You can never go wrong with a good kilay routine. GRWM Cosmetics is nailing that fluffy, feathered, and laminated brows with its Browlift Pro & Maxx. You get the best of both worlds with each tube carrying 13 grams of products and 2 different wands that give you varying effects, depending on what look you are going for. 

Original Price: 399
This 11.11 - 283-299

Squad Cosmetics 

We’ve known this as the local brand with a very dainty personality. Its wide range of multi-use products has set a good impression in the market. And as the beauty community says, you’re either an overblushed or overbronzed girlie. Squad Cosmetics specializes the first with its Happy Pot. The best thing about it? You can get 2 shades for the price of one this coming sale.  We’re here for that mix-and-match extravaganza! 

Original Price: 99
This 11.11 - B1T1

Vice Cosmetics

For affordable but high-quality makeup, Vice Cosmetics is a no-brainer choice. We’ve seen various collections from this brand, but their aura collection is something else. The recent formulation of this lineup with an improved finish and packaging got us excited for more things that this brand will launch soon. Top off your look with a fine shimmer from its Aura Glow Spell. Both shades are on B1T1, sis! 

Original Price: 249
This 11.11 - B1T1


Times have changed and we’ve normalized using contours in our everyday makeup routine. While there could be a learning curve in applying it, Naturale offers its newest addition to the family. Perfect that definition and shading with its pressed powder contour, Iskulptura, that’s available in 4 shades. 

Introductory Price: 319
This 11.11 - 288

Colourette Cosmetics

Life is too short to settle with plain eyeliners. Be bold and creative with Colourette’s Colourflick. This graphic eyeliner comes in 7 gorgeous shades, so you can go from casual to creative looks the whole week. Not to pressure you boss babes, but this product is a limited edition. The special introductory price is only available until November 19. 

Special Intro Price: 229 until November 19 

Detail Cosmetics

If you can’t fit everything in your makeup kit, a hybrid product is what you need to get. A tint and gloss combo is made possible with Detail Cosmetics' Glass Stain. It leaves a lasting stain so no need to worry about frequent touch-ups. Fit two shades on your pouch when you get the travel-sized ones for B1T1! 

Original Price: 129
This 11.11 - B1T1


We can’t get enough of a multipurpose and skin-loving product. In case you missed it, Clocheflame’s TLC Spray just got a major makeover. You can use it to prep your skin, set your makeup, and even as a hair mist. For those who just can’t live without it, a 500ml version is finally available this November 11. 

Original Price: 99
This 11.11 - 95

Original Price: 449
This 11.11 - 345

500 ml 
Original Price: 1299
This 11.11 - 990

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