Meet The Pebbles: The Fun-loving Trio Spreading Laughter Online

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If you’re a meme connoisseur or just chronically online on Facebook and Tiktok, it’s almost impossible not to come across these three men in the most random of videos posted in the said platforms. With more than 225 thousand followers on Facebook, 313 thousand followers and an accumulated 12.2 million likes on Tiktok – The Pebbles have certainly made a name for themselves with their chaotic, out-of-the-box, and downright comical videos. 

With their content on countless timelines, it’s safe to say that these boys are here to stay. On that note, let’s get to know Azul, Eua, and Haduj more – as Metroscene Mag is beyond lucky to be able to have them for an interview – allowing us to go inside and pick their brains which oozes with creativity, humour, and the randomness of it all.

It’s Pebbles Time! 

If you have not seen their work, it’s highly suggested that you go to their page right now and be mesmerized as you hit comedy gold. The Pebbles have always had a knack of making videos, and it definitely is a big plus for them that they are able to make it seem as natural as it could be. “Dati palang gumagawa na kami ng videos, yun talaga bonding namin magkaka tropa tapos hanggang sa biglang nag 1M views sa Tiktok yung Super Bilis Food Review so sayang naman kung hanggang doon na lang siya.”

With their Super Bilis Food Review schtick, they’re growth and rise to prominence became Super Bilis as well – allowing them to venture into various skits showcasing the breadth of their creativity.

“Since may audiences naman na at least mapakita namin yung mga videos na namin sa mga tao,” they shared. 

Their quick wit, out-of-the-box thinking, and their ability to make fun of simple things allowed them to churn out content that put them on the spot where they are right now. “Minsan pag nasa jeep bigla bigla nalang naiiisip. Minsan pag may napag kwentuhan ganon. Minsan habang nanonood or tumitingin ng memes. Biglaan eh yung mga ideas, bigla na lang silang dumadating”

The Pebbles - A Rock of Joy

As most of their content dwells on the realm of comedy and trying to extract laughs from their viewers, it’s not surprising that their following would occasionally express the joy they got from the boys. However, The Pebbles still think they may be a part of their followers’ lives, but they do not see themselves as something so big that they would actually be impactful to others.

“I don’t think we have an impact on anyone’s lives eh, some messages say na we help them on tough times ganon pero ewan ayaw ko masyadong isipin na ganon. We’re just people making videos online and it happens na there are people na napapanood yung videos and natatawa sila at some point in their day, hopefully”, they shared.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that a chunk of The Pebbles’ material consists of dark comedy, which, in all honesty, has a certain charm to it, attracting even more viewers. “I don’t think that we ensure the positivity and uplifting side? Kasi kung dark comedy go pa rin kami eh…”

But behind the witty banters and the quirky actions seen in their videos is something so wholesome and Metroscene Mag is lucky to know about it – their actions reflect their motto and the reason behind it.

The Pebbles opened up and said, “we’ve always been the underdogs at school. The introverts, yung mga hindi sinasamahan ng mga mababango. Pero it did not matter because we had each other. That feeling of not being alone na may kaibigan ka parin, we always want that to have sa mga trip at mga videos namin”.

Underdogs before but on top right now when it comes to bringing smiles and getting laughter out of their audiences – it’s not surprising to see that The Pebbles have an influx of heartwarming messages from their fans, which some even say they helped them through tough times.

“Andami, pero we don’t know how to react”, The Pebbles said, “We are not used to such positives. Minsan nga nagdududa pa kami kung totoo eh. Pero siyempre if ever man totoo, mas nakakapressure dapat galingan pa namin as the time goes on. Yun ang magandang pressure.”

Solid and here to stay

Although they’ve been getting much love from their fans, the group’s still not exempt when it comes to challenges – as content creators, they have to always be on top of their game, and bounce back if and when their content comes out lackluster.

“Kung mapapatawa mo ba talaga yung tao. How to overcome it? I-upload mo lang”, The Pebbles shared, “Di mo kasi malalaman kung di mo naman ipapakita. Edi kung di maganda yung numbers or comments at least alam mo na yung iiwasan sa mga susunod diba. Delete mo na lang yung post ang mahalaga nakuha mo yung information na yon at magagamit mo to improve para sa future videos”.

As they said, it is a challenge to ensure that they’ll really bring the laughs out from their audience, and sometimes on moments that their content does otherwise – comments can arise and flock to their posts, filling it with negativity or criticism. But, just like their name, The Pebbles are solid enough to not let these things sway them and take them off the path where they currently are.

“Wag magbasa ng comments. Lalo kung di mo kaya mabasa yung mga negativity. Kami kasi sanay na eh. Ako peronally na bully na ako malala sa school at some point kasi may balat ako sa muka and from there on nasanay nalang na talaga ako sa negativity”, they shared, “Pero of course minsan nakakalungkot paren if may mabasa kang masama pero wala ganon talaga karapatan naman nila yon kasi may freedom of speech naman eh”.

“May kalayaan kami mag joke at gumawa ng content edi may kalayaan din sila magalit at mambatikos. Di ka pwedeng marunong lang tumanggap ng mabuti, dapat marunong ka din tumanggap ng masama”, The Pebbles added.

The Pebbles – Always and Forever

With everything that’s happening, from the mixed messages and countless comments that are both good and bad, The Pebbles are here and they are here to stay – although, they still aren’t quite sure yet what they’ll be doing in their stay.

“Wala nga eh, bigyan niyo kami HAHAHAHAHA. Everything that happens so far we did not plan”, they shared, “We are taking on a journey in the dark and we’re so humbled that we have people travelling with us”.

It’s not just their content that’s improving with each post they make, but also their friendship.
“It did not evolve. It stayed the same. We’ve always been the kids na makulit. Mas nag strengthen lang ang aming samahan”, they said.

Metroscene Mag was also fortunate enough to be told of The Pebbles’ goals and aspirations, both individually and as a trio. “Si Haduj gusto maging successful na negosyante, si Eua sa music industry, ako naman sa film industry, and as a trio naman well, maging kabilang sa pop culture icon sa pinas”, The Pebbles shared.

Lastly, they shared with us what they wanted their audience to take away from their TikTok videos.
“Do not be afraid to take light of things that affect you badly”, they shared, “Sometimes, it’s better to laugh at our problems than to be afraid of them”.

Truly, The Pebbles are one of a kind – they’ve established a great foundation, and they’re solid as a rock, when it comes to digital and social media presence. They’re not going anywhere, and they’ll just keep on getting better and better – reeling in more audiences to be their fans. 

We have had a wonderful time with The Pebbles, and parang bato kasi yung pebbles right – so laging tatandaan ang bumangga matic sira, chour!

━━ Written By  Justin Lambert Angeles

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