5 Free Filipino Films to Watch While in Quarantine

Sunday, September 6, 2020
5 Free Filipino Films to Watch White in Quarantine  - Metroscene Mag

Social isolation can be frustrating and numbing. As our social relationships slow down during the enhanced community quarantine, the best way to rekindle our souls is to view movies that embody the frailties of human stories. Recently, movie producers have been spoiling us with films uploaded for free streaming. Fancy a movie or two amongst this big list of free movies? 

These five movies are perfect to reminds us of the world we'll soon be free to see.

John Denver Trending

The film that sweeped awards from Cinemalaya 2019 is finally available for free streaming on iWant. This independent drama masterpiece marvels with its brave take on social media bullying, revealing the often abused stretch of the internet's influence beyond screens.

Starring the raw and brilliant young actor, Jansen Magpusao, and the timeless Meryll Soriano, John Denver Trending details the most human of struggles, and how our digital reputations are as vulnerable as the truths we carry within.

I'm Drunk, I Love You

Originally released in 2017, this independent romantic-comedy flick that revolves around the narratives of bestfriends, beer enthusiasts, and almost lovers, is TBA Studios' most recent surprise in their YouTube channel.

How can one drunk confession change the dynamics of friendship? In a final trip before their graduation, two friends find out the taste of confessional aftermaths that no chaser could ever erase. Starring Maja Salvador, Paolo Avelino, Dominic Roco, and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, this film will hit you harder than alcohol.


Set in a public hospital, Edward follows the story of the titular teenage boy left to take care of his sickly father. In time with the present conditions of our society, the film awes it audience with its gut-wrenching truths in our healthcare system, and the little attention it receives from our government.

Originally relased exclusively for the 2019 Cinemalaya, the film can now be streamed on iflix for free. Lead by Louise Abuel as Edward, and Ella Cruz playing the role of the love interest, this coming-of-age tale dramatizes how one can carry the burden of societal and political faults at an early age.


Disabled from an accident in a production shooting, an actress was forced to reside in her secluded home under the care of her secretive husband, and an eccentric and cruel nurse.

Another treat from TBA studios, this critically acclaimed psychological thriller shows the transitions from fame to madness, as the lines between reality and dreams begin to grow shorter. Starring Iza Calzado, Ian Veneracion, TJ Trinidad, Adrienne Vergara, and Micheal De Mesa, this film delights in the most terrifying tumults of immutable horror.

Bar Boys

Perfectly timed with the coming release of the Bar Exam 2019 results, Bar Boys gives viewers a peek into the hardships and successes faced by law (and non-law) students -- from long tedious note reviews and shaky recitations, to barkada hangouts and online gaming. The film presents the story of four friends, whose dreams were built on thick law school handouts and DOTA.

The makers of the film uploaded the full copy of the movie on Youtube last March 17, in view of the 'enhanced community quarantine' in Luzon. Played by Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Kean Cipriano, and Enzo Pineda, this film will make its viewers sob tears of both joy and sorrow.

Flicks like these have an undeniable universal appeal. From friendship and family, to truths, kindness, and cruelty, these films cover the ground on what it truly means to be human. And what else could be more human, than celebrating art in the comforts of a home and familial safety?

Text by Kyle Cadavez and Kim Argosino 

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