Ginebra San Miguel Reimagines Its Iconic Label to Celebrate Frontliners

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Ginebra San Miguel’s Reimagines Its Iconic Label to Celebrate Frontliners - metroscene mag

Cheers to our frontliners!

As challenging as our current situation has been, it’s undeniable that we are kept out of harm’s way—able to work and be with our loved ones—because our frontliners answered the call to fight this pandemic.

Some local brands have shown their support for our frontliners through their products. Just look how Ginebra San Miguel Reimagines Its Label to support our frontliner.

The original label used the artwork of the National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, which depicts Saint Michael the Archangel slaying a demon. The iconic label has become a symbol of hard work and perseverance recognized by every Filipinos for more than 185 years of inuman.

“In this pandemic, brands must become relevant. Now that the world is at a standstill, our frontliners are the ones who keep things moving. Their selfless efforts coupled with their ‘Tunay na Tapang’ serve as inspiration to us here at Ginebra San Miguel and to Filipinos all over the world as we continue to serve our fellow countrymen with the brand as a platform,” said Ron Molina, Marketing Manager of Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

“By making them the symbol of resiliency, it’s our way of showing that we believe in these frontliners; we want them to come out triumphant over this widespread disease,” he added.

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