Turn Yourself Into a Filipina Heroine Using This App

Monday, May 11, 2020
Turn Yourself Into a Filipina Heroine Using This App - Metroscene Mag

Bring out your inner Gabriela Silang!

For sure you’ve heard or read stories about bad-ass Filipina heroines from books and films. But, wouldn't it be fun to see yourself as one of them?

Luckily, a local Filipina artist behind the username @alamangoes on twitter created an avatar creator site that allows you to make your Filipiniana-Wearing Heroine!

With the avatar maker, you can dress your own Filipina Heroine with different fashionable Filipinianas. But not only that, you can also give your avatar her own abaniko and kampilan— and most especially, your avatar can hold the LGBTQ+ and Trans Flags! A sign board is also available for your personal advocacies!

“I do have an update planned so I can add some barong designs; not entirely sure when it will be due to my acads + commissions schedule But it will happen!” Said @alamangoes on her curious cat account.

@alamangoes also accepts art commissions for #ArtForMedPH!

Let’s support our local artists!

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