#ArtforMedPH: Artists are giving free art to those who donate to COVID-19 frontliners

Monday, March 23, 2020

Filipino artists are now joining the #ArtforMedPH movement on Twitter, where artists give away commissioned artworks in exchange for donations to COVID-19 frontliners and the most affected sectors during the Luzon-wide quarantine to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

How #ArtForMedPh works:

  1. Choose an artist you would like to commission for an artwork
  2. Donate (minimum amount depending on the artwork requested) to one or more of the causes listed on this article.
  3. Send proof of donation to your chosen artist along with details of your request.
  4. Wait for your free artwork!*
The movement allows everyone to support not only their favorite artists but our COVID-19 Frontliners and patients — but while you’re at it, remember to commission your favorite artists too! They might be needing funds as well. 

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