Getting in the Scene with Banana Queen, Joyce Glorioso

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Within 27 years, Joyce Glorioso has already changed two worlds. First, the quiet blue of the Pagbilao sky that erupted in bliss on the day of her birth. Second, the stirring silence of West Virginia, USA, where two years ago, had been home to her laughter and dreams when she spent months of her BS HRM traineeship.

These worlds were her own, and they’re stories we would never hear unless we meet Joyce. In an interview with Metroscene Mag, Joyce Glorioso, or more popularly known in social media as “Joyang”, shared stories of her life, and her thoughts on how her simple yet fun world, was slowly beginning to be a part of ours.

Banana Queen

With over 420,000 followers, and 6.6 Million likes on TIkTok, Joyang gained social media fame when she started creating and uploading short comedic skits, and her version of viral dance challenges on the app. She gained attention first on TikTok, then on other social media sites like Twitter, where she uploads her videos that get thousands of likes and retweets.

Perhaps her most remarkable contents were the videos in which a bunch of bananas can be seen hanging like a ‘chandelier’ in plain view. But Joyang didn’t earn the title of “Banana Queen” just because she uses bananas in her videos as props. She earned this title because, as the famous line goes - “Maghanap ka ng puno sa Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso!” - and indeed, there are many content creators in the country today, but what can easily set Joyang apart from them all, is her heart.

Having been raised in a small and simple family in Pagbilao, Quezon, with a humble sari-sari store as a source of income, Joyang was aware of how the pandemic turned lives upside down, and wanted to give people something that would at least, make them smile.

“I want to help people who are suffering today to reduce their stress by creating funny contents to make them happy”, Joyang stated, emphasizing that most of her content were inspired by the eagerness to bring joy during these trying times.

Social Media Star

Joyang never planned to become a content creator, nor become viral in different social media sites. As a graduate of Hotel Restaurant Management, her dream was to score a job abroad, and eventually earn enough money to build her parents’ dream house.

Just like most of us, Joyang began using social media sites as an outlet, and as an escape from boredom. But being the naturally funny, good-spirited person that she is, the videos that she posted caught the attention of netizens with its right level of relatability, and humor that many people found extremely entertaining to watch. Soon, the number of her followers and views grew, and now she’s currently working on her YouTube channel, Joyang TV, where she uploads life vlogs mixed with jolly and quick-witted jokes.

In pursuing the kind of content she makes in her social media accounts, Joyang shared that she has “Five Fs” as her sources of motivation - Family, Friends, Followers, Filipinos and Father Above. Her list of motivations also includes Filipino comedians that she looks up to, and many of her idols who inspire her to make content that turns ordinary things in life as sources of a good laugh.

Despite the positivity and light-heartedness of her videos, some people still find a reason to hate on her and her works. “I just ignore it”, she said, and explained that she just tries to be patient with them, and be more understanding of their opinions.

The Joy in Joyang

It’s easy to discredit content creators due to the notoriety attached to social media fame, and with many creators becoming more arrogant as they become more popular. Joyang on one hand, despite having thousands of fans, does not think the same way. “I really don't see myself as an influencer, I just see myself as an individual who's spreading good vibes through social media”.

Behind the fun and famous personality we see on our screens, is a person of great humility. In real life, the 27-year-old Banana Queen is just a daughter who helps in running their family business; the social media star is just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary creativity that shines through; and JoyangTv is just the young and witty Joyce Glorioso who continues to dream big while making sure we watch her videos with a smile on our faces.

Joyang ended the interview with this message for young aspiring content creators: “Focus on what they are doing, remind themselves to always be thankful to God for all the blessings, small or big. Follow their dreams and never give up. And lastly to be kind - the most essential thing in these trying times. For me even if you're not an educated person, if you have a kind heart and a pure soul, you can inspire every single person around you”.

By: Kim Argosino

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