7 Local TikTokers for when you really need to laugh

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines wayback March 2020, everyone has found their ways to cope with their fear and boredom caused by series of lockdowns and quarantines. Some found their love for baking which made ube pandesal popular during the first wave of the pandemic, others were fond of home gardening during that time where they call themselves as “plantito/plantita”, and a lot of Filipinos found enjoyment in creating TikTok videos online even until now.

TikTok is a popular social media platform where you can create and watch short-length videos with various topics to discover and explore. With this, Filipinos are now using TikTok to showcase their talents and creativity in creating a platform of enjoyment and entertainment. TikTok also made a way for Filipino influencers and rising Filipino comedians to share their ideas through their content.

These content creators have different styles in making humorous videos which will keep you entertained during your gloomy days. So, here is a list of Filipino TikTok comedians to watch when you are feeling sad:

Sassa Gurl (@itssassagurl)

Our ultimate “Maasim na Mima” is known to entertain audiences through posting skits and lip-sync videos. Some of his videos are more on funny school-related and childhood memories. He is one of the most famous stars on TikTok, everyone loves his relatable content.


Extend pa te

♬ original sound - Sassa Gurl

Davao Conyo (@davaoconyo)

Davao Conyo aka Phillip Hernandez has first gained popularity on Facebook and now, on  Tiktok. His contents are more on different POV’s, hilarious skits, and random videos of him just casually sharing his funny ideas.


Chance ko na to

♬ original sound - DavaoConyo

Esnyr Ranollo (@esnyrrr)

Esnyr is known for his Pinoy school-related experiences. His viral videos garnered popularity not just on Tiktok, but are also being shared on Facebook. Esnyr brings out nostalgic funny moments of a Pinoy student through making skits in which the characters were also him.



♬ original sound Ranollo - Esnyr

Spencer Serafica (@spencer_serafica)

Spencer has established himself as one of the Tiktok stars with 12.7 million followers. He is known for his childhood memories, skits and funny school-related contents. Spencer earned his popularity through his funny and nostalgic  skits.


♬ original sound - Xspencer

Charlize Ruth (@charlizeruth)

Known as the “woman who experienced everything” because of her relatable random funny skits and videos. Her contents are also more on school-related experiences  where she characterizes herself as a grumpy teacher.

@charlizeruth #fyp ♬ original sound - charuth

Hassan (@ssanwhere)

Hassan just recently gained popularity on Tiktok through his “girl best friend” and “boy best friend” humorous contents. He also characterizes himself as a nagger mother in his several skits.

@ssanwhere paktay nagtampo 😭 any tips? #fyp ♬ baka may moo moo - hassan

Ja Leonor (@jaleonor)

Ja is one of Tiktok’s rising stars with his relatable funny contents. He is known for his skits in which he characterizes himself as a cool kid, a mother,  and a “pick me” person.

Sori beybi

♬ original sound - Ja Leonor

We have different coping mechanisms during our sad days and we are just thankful for these people who make funny content to divert our attention and make us forget for a while.

Reminder: bad days are normal. As they say, sometimes we gotta have bad days so we can appreciate the good days more.

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