6 Experiences and realizations worth sharing from the Leni- Kiko Pink Campaign

May 26, 2022 0 comments

After almost two years of living with the pandemic and years of the country's hopeless political crisis, I never thought that an array of hope would emerge in the last quarter of the year 2021. 

When VP Leni Robredo and Senator Kiko Pangilinan announced their intentions to run for the highest positions in the country, unhesitantly, I started showing my support. I joined social media movements and indulged in conversations, and even attended campaign sorties and rallies. 

I'm proud to say that I attended political rallies for the first time in my life. And that I stood for truth and justice with the Leni-Kiko tandem and their team, 'Tropang Angat.' Indeed it is one of the most remarkable events I luckily experienced, and with that, I will forever remember and cherish it. 

It's only been almost two weeks after the elections, and I know I'm not the only one having the 'post-campaign sepanx'. With this article allow me to share 6 of the amazing experiences and lessons I learned from the Pink Campaign. 

It was not a mere gathering. It was a movement for change

One of the rallies I attended during the campaign period was the One Pink March on Magsaysay Avenue at Naga City. I went with my friend John Lloyd, and we had one goal in mind, "Beh, ang main goal natin ay makalapit sa stage at matapos ang gabi na hindi na-medic," I would casually joke to him. But sometimes, the manifesting spirits don't get my humor. It was fun as we tried to get right in front of the stage, not until the screams turned into "Medic! Medic! Medic!" Yes. John Lloyd passed out. 

Luckily, the crowd joined my call for help and also started shouting. It was literally a terrifying situation. But was also surreal since we didn't know everyone in the crowd, yet they still helped us without hesitation. 

At that moment, I realized that we were not just attending a mere rally but a gathering of people that cares not only for the country but also for each other. 

 Luckily, we still ended up hearing VP Leni and Senator Kiko deliver their speeches. 

The culture of bayanihan in not dead for kakampinks

The spirit of giving was truly felt in every corner of every rally. Like everyone who attended, I also experienced receiving free food, water, cookies, juices, etc. But the thing that really amaze me is that all of these are initiatives of every ordinary people, group, and organizations attending the rally. The culture of bayanihan in not dead for kakampiks. You can really see the "spirit of abutan/bigayan" among the exhausted, thirsty, and hungry crowd (physically and for good governance). 

I remember going home with five empty plastic bottles and a pouch of cookies from a bakeshop's giveaway.One of the many proofs of what transpired from everyone during the rallies—radikal na pagmamahalan.

The crowd is full of talented people 

I have just started getting to know the artistic world of drag, so I was thrilled when I met local drag queens Lady Gagita and Moonlight during one of my rallies. But not only that, aside from the personalities performing on the stage, the crows were also full of talented people. You can literally see a lot of the kakampinks preparing for their outfits, witty placards, and would even perform on small circles while waiting for the program to start. The campaign truly ignited the passionate and artistic hearts of those who support the cause. 

The people are amazing 

There's indeed a sense of home joining the rallies. All the social media testimonies truly manifest—there's truly a sense of relief from the chaotic, pink-filled streets—as you enter the crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. 

Despite everyone dripping on their sweats, you still see people smiling at each other and hopeful as they enjoy the bonus performances from the 'Artists for Leni' and the candidates talking about their platforms of governance. It seemed like a night of bond for the whole friendship.

From the first to the last, I got to take some snaps with those people I met. Incomparable to friendships that endured enough and so much time, these amazing people are worth remembering for the rest of my life, whom I once know and shared a night fighting for the future that we collectively believe is best for everyone.

The spirit of volunteerism is powerful

One Pink March, held 17th of April at the Lourdes College Foundation, was the first event I participated in as a committee volunteer. During the even, I helped serve all the Kakampinks with all their queries regarding the event. It was liberating for the fact that it was my first time volunteering, but at the same time fulfilling as I know for myself that I am doing something good. Not only for me but also for the country. 

Plus, I met new people—Julie, Kim & those from the logistics committee—and spent such a meaningful time with someone I always looked up to since our senior high school years, Edward. 

VP Leni Robredo is still human

It was the second day of the campaign period, right after the 'Tropang Angat' held the proclamation rally at Naga City, when they spent a day for the rest of the Bicol region. After knowing that VP Leni and Senator Kiko were visiting our hometown, I immediately planned with my friends to attend. 

During the rally, we stood there and listened. And during VP Leni's speech, it hit me. "VP Leni is also human," I said to myself. The only thing that makes her different from the others is that her heart is for the people and her work is for the country. At that moment, I knew that win or lose; this campaign would change a lot of lives, perspectives, and the future of this generation, my generation.  

Don't get me wrong. I'm fully aware that all the rallies and movements, all the efforts and time poured, are more than these moments I listed above. I want to share these personal experiences with everyone—those who attended, supported, and not—that fighting for a certain cause is not merely a revolutionary act where you'll see people outraged and angered. It was not. This campaign truly manifested its deep root that inspired everyone to move and offer themselves the best way they could contribute. 

After all, it was not about Leni-Kiko and their whole slate, it was about us, the Filipinos, who genuinely care about our future and are willing to go out there and uphold the core values that we believe we must possess. It was about the ignited fire inside us to continue to fight for the truth and to fight for those who have been misled. It is about the awakened political consciousness inside us that we can always participate in every political movement that screams our morals and fights for the common good.

And it is and always will be about the lessons the campaign taught us—ang radikal na pagmamahal para sa bayan.

━━ Written By  Jaron Hegina

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